5 Favorite Authors #1


I was going to post today my Top 5 Authors of All Times Ever in my Entire Life, but I couldn’t really do that with absolute certainty that they would still be my favorite ones some time from now. As I am sure happens to many of you as well, my favorite authors change according to my mood and what I look for when I read. So here are my favorite authors at the moment, meaning those were the first 5 that popped up in my head when I was figuring out a top 5. Let me know in the comments if you have a top 5 and, if yes, who they are!

My favorite authors will not necessarily have written my favorite books – I am categorizing favorite authors as those by whom I’ve read more than 1 book.

Eoin Colfer

Favorite book: Artemis Fowl

You’ll love him if you love: YA/Children’s books, witty dialogues, fantasy

Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl was among my first book crushes ever. I remember getting the first of the series when it came out back when I was 10 years-old, that beautiful golden book, piled on top of many other golden books at the entrance the store – making it look like a treasure chest formed entirely by its golden treasures. I do not re-read books often, and I avoid having more than one copy of any books – but these ones I have re-read many times, re-purchased, and also given as a gift to a few people. I was as excited when the last book came out when I was 21 as when the first one came out more than 10 years earlier. Artemis Fowl #1 was my favorite book of all times for many years. It is a good one to get children/young teenagers into reading. I will probably write a dedicated post about this series in the future.


Liane Moriarty

Favorite book: Big Little Lies

You’ll love her if you love: contemporary literature, reading about human nature/relationships, women’s fiction

This one is a new addition to me. I am yet to review Big Little Lies, but the review from Truly Madly Guilty you find here. Although I have only read two books by her, I found her writing so captivating that she (very) quickly became a favorite. The two books I have read by her so far have both kept me awake far longer than I had planned (with Big Little Lies keeping me up till 4 am with work the next day… totally worth it). Both have amazing writing, but my absolutely favorite thing about Moriarty’s work is how human the characters are – how three-dimensional and complex. I look forward to reading more of her work, and I’m actively having to hold back from re-reading both books right now.


Agatha Christie

Favorite book: Death in the Nile

You’ll love her if you love: crime, whodunit mysteries, quick reads

I got to know Agatha Christie’s books while on a summer vacation at my Grandma’s place many years ago, and I read around 15 books by her in the month I spent there. My sister and I rotated books and excitedly discussed our suspicions, and whenever we travelled together we took a couple of Christie’s books to read, exchange and discuss. Her stories go quickly and read easily, while also keeping you analyzing every detail in every dialogue for clues on who is the culprit. If you’re new to her work, I suggest starting with Death in the Nile, my personal favorite. Her books are my choice on days when I want to get out of a reader’s block, meaning, if I cannot get myself to read anything for a while, there will always be Christie, and she never fails me. I recommend her books highly if you’re trying to make reading a habit.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Favorite book: Americanah

You’ll love her if you love: feminist literature, contemporary fiction, great writing style

If I had to choose one author to read my entire life and leave behind all others (what a terrible situation to be in), I would not think twice about taking her books with me. Americanah was the first book I read from Adichie, and it was love at first page. It remains my favorite, followed closely by Half of a Yellow Sun. Her style is so wonderful to read, with characters that feel so real you can almost feel yourself crawling inside the character’s mind and living things yourself as you go through the book. Reading Adichie makes you wonder where has she been all your life.


Ariano Suassuna

Favorite book: Auto da Compadecida (The Rogue’s Trial)

You’ll love him if you love: humor, plays, Brazilian literature

I absolutely love this author. I don’t know if he features in many school lists in Brazil, but he did in mine, and oh I am glad he did. His work is humoristic, sarcastic, witty and such a pleasant read altogether. I don’t particularly enjoy reading plays and don’t normally gravitate towards humoristic books, but his are absolutely fantastic and got me laughing out loud. Auto da Compadecida has a 4.27 rating on Goodreads, and it’s that good.

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