Review: Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter Blake Crouch

Rating: ★★★★★

Recommend: Yes

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller

Add it to your TBR: Goodreads, Skoob

I started this book with not much of an expectation. The multiverse theory is for good reason quite popular in Sci-Fi, and in my opinion isn’t always all that well executed. So when I saw what this book was about, I expected a thriller with unconvincingly little science to give space for all the action. I was mistaken.

Dark Matter starts with a fairly regular Thursday in Jason’s life: he’s having family night with his beloved wife Daniela and son Charlie. For the past fifteen years he has been teaching Physics at a University, after giving up his chance of becoming a renowned scientist and competing for the prize that would have changed his life. What could he have been, what could Daniela have been, if they had made different choices? That Thursday was the last he saw of his family, as he gets kidnapped under gunpoint by a man in a gueisha-like mask. Before falling unconscious, his captor asks: Are you happy with your life?

When Jason wakes up, his life isn’t his life anymore. Daniela isn’t his wife. These strange people seem to know him, claim to be friends with him. But there is danger in the air, and Jason starts wondering if he hasn’t imagined his life as a married professor in the first place…

This book is fantastic! I am a big fan of the multiverse theory (nerd alert), and so I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely, easy-to-follow but not so much it feels like an insult to your intelligence the science in this book was. The thriller was just gripping, and I needed so much self control not to finish it in one sitting. Regan from PeruseProject had recommended it as a good book to take when you’re travelling for a few hours, and I think she is absolutely right. The story is so enthralling, so mind-blowing that you’ll be done very quickly and won’t mind the trip at all. It sticks to your mind. I cannot stop thinking about it since I finished it and have probably melted my boyfriend’s ear by how much I keep talking about it.

The only negative comments I have are regarding the style of the author, who sometimes makes use of one-word paragraphs I little too much, as if to create momentum in the story, but it just feels forced. I wasn’t too bothered by it. I also had a few questions in the end of the story that I do wish had been answered, but I am okay with that – I think it was the author’s intention anyways. I’m obsessed with this book, I just can’t stop thinking about it and I’m surely gifting it to some people.

Verdict: This book is a great science fiction work and a really well-written thriller. I will recommend it for both beginners in sci-fi and experienced readers alike. So, if you are new to sci-fi and would like to read more of it, this is such a good book to start with. It’s also fast and easy to read, so I also recommend it to take with you for a trip or for commute.

8 thoughts on “Review: Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch

  1. I love this book, too! This was actually my first Sci-fi book and I read this last November. I thoroughly enjoyed this! The last 100 pages, in particular, the 60 to 70 pages was such a page-turner! I swear I felt my heart pounding; I had never expected that twist!! I’m glad that you enjoyed this book too. Great review!

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