Summer 2017 Reading List

Hello readers and happy Summer Solstice!

I decided to publish an extra post today, since Summer Solstice seemed like the perfect time to talk about my Summer reads. I won’t post too many books because I’m a mood reader, but basically these are the ones I want to get done before Summer ends! What are you reading this summer?

Illuminae The Illuminae Files 01 Amie Kaufman Jay Kristoff

Illuminae is the volume 1 of The Illuminae Files. Surely I don’t need to start another new series to add to my I-don’t-know-how-many series already started. But – of course there was a “but” – this sci-fi has been so highly recommended by basically everyone who reads it, and its unique format in reports and so on instead of a regular narration. It’s a thick book (608 pages), but from its format I suppose it’s actually fast to read. There’s AI, plague, interplanetary war. Need I say more?

You can see it on Goodreads here or Skoob here (it doesn’t seem to have been translated to Portuguese yet)


When Dimple met Rishi Sandhya Menon

When Dimple met Rishi is so hyped up at the moment, and at first I was hesitant to read it – it’s a young adult contemporary romance, which normally throws me off – but I heard such good things about it, and the fact that the main character is a tech girl who loves what she does professionally and isn’t too excited about the whole marriage idea made me relate so much I just have to read this.

You can see it on Goodreads here or Skoob here (it doesn’t seem to have been translated to Portuguese yet)


To All the Boys Ive Loved Before Janny Han


Yes, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is another young adult contemporary romance. This one conquered me with all the reviews saying how hilarious and light-hearted this is. I think it’s perfect for hot days of weekend, when you’re just not on the mood for a dense historical novel.

You can see it on Goodreads here or Skoob here.



What If Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Randall Munroe

Finally, a non-fiction humoristic book by one of the best web comic authors out there. XCKD has followed me through University and made me laugh at how relatable they are. I don’t think you need to be particularly nerdy and science-loving to like the comics (or the book), but I will give a review on that once I’m done… I might be a bit biased there. If that wasn’t enough convincing, the title sells itself to me: What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. So looking forward.

You can see it on Goodreads here or Skoob here.




17 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Reading List

  1. My boyfriend bought “What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been looking at it quite skeptically, but maybe your review will convince me to put it on my TBR. I’ll be keeping an eye on that one!

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  2. I’ve been currently reading When Dimple Met Rishi. I’m 10% in the book and really liking it so far. It’s so hilarious and humorous. I have never laughed out loud over a book this much yet it’s not only humorous, it’s got some sentimental sweet moments too. I cannot wait to read how the story unfolds. I hope it stays this way till the end of the book, not going downhill!

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  3. I’ve been a bit hesitant to read When Dimple met Rishi even though I’ve read so many great reviews here as well as on Goodreads. Being a YA novel, the described premise and themes just seems a bit ‘done over’ and cliché. However, I plan on making a very serious (lol , as if I’m ever serious) attempt this July to read the book.
    Thanks for sharing your bookish thoughts and I look forward to reading more from you in the future!
    Happy Reading 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your comment, Delphine! I have just finished When Dimple met Rishi, and it’s very cute and sugary. There is no other way to describe it but adorable. If you like that style, then I think you’d like the book! But I guess for some people it could be a little too sweet.

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  4. I never plan on my reading because I usually take the book that “feels right” in the moment 😛 But it seems like you have alot of nice reading moments ahead this summer.


  5. Ah. I have been meaning to read Illuminae, as well. I picked up the audiobook from the library, but since I listen to audiobooks at work, I had a hard time paying attention to this one. It seems really heavy on the scifi. I think I’ll have to just pick up the book and read it. (You know, when my TBR is swallowing me. :p )


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