Comic Con Germany 2017 – My experience

Hello book lovers!

This weekend was the second edition of Comic Con in Germany! To be honest, I was not going to go, initially, as I am not that much into comics, but I was convinced (I must confess I didn’t take that much convincing) by my boyfriend and so we went! I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I just wore a Wonder Woman tee and put some lipstick on. Enough to get funny looks on the train, but once I arrived at Comic Con, I blended with the crowd.

Comic Con Germany 2017

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You can check the website here:

I will take some pictures from the website to post here, because only when we had 1h until the fair closed did I realize I had only taken pictures with me and my boyfriend (not used to the blogger life yet, sorry guys). For privacy reasons, I will not be posting those to the blog. 🙂

For those not living in Germany who consider going to some future editions, it’s worth noting that the fair is easy to go on foot from the airport in Stuttgart. Stuttgart has many international flight arrivals, but you can also arrive in Germany via Frankfurt and take a train to Stuttgart. Shouldn’t take more than 1h30 via ICE (the fast German trains).

I have never been to the Comic Cons in the US, but I have been told that the Germany one is far, far smaller. This time it occupied only one hall of the fair, although since it’s only the second edition, I expect it to grow bigger next years on! Since I didn’t have much of an expectation of what it would be like, I guess it was easy to be met. Despite being so small, we were busy the whole day and walked till out feet hurt.

I must confess that I don’t know who the famous people there really were, but they autographed things in another hall, so I didn’t really see them. I am sure they’re really famous, I just am kind of a noob when it comes to celebrities. Here’s a quick glance at who was there:


From:, accessed in 03.07.2017

The faces look vaguely familiar to me (I suck at faces and names!). But for next year apparently they’ll have bigger names coming!

Even through the two of us aren’t the biggest fans of comics ever, we had such a blast! The costumes were great, the place was only crowded for a couple hours, most of the time it was comfortable to walk around, we had good food. Things were clean and well-organized. My boyfriend didn’t want to try bubble tea (his loss).

I watched the panel from Manuel D’Andrea (you can see some of his work here) about tips on cosplay makeup, which was quite useful and practical. It really made me want to buy wax and wigs and play around! Many of the the cosplay panels were in German, but about a third were in English. I hope in the future they have more panels in English!

ComicCon Germany 2017

Personal archive

I must say that the best part of Comic Con were the cosplays for me. Those two guys in Orc costumes absolutely killed it!


Personal archive – yes, those are Orcs with Star Wars weapons

A really, really great part of the Comic Con was also the Lego area, which was pretty big and had amazing art:

(the Pod Race from Star Wars Ep 1 was my favorite!)

Here are the two comics I bought! One from Princess Leia and another from Wonder Woman, both in German. Again, I wish they had more stuff in English, but since most people attending were German, I guess it’s no surprise. The other stuff I bought I will keep private, as they aren’t books and it feels like showing off. I’m in love with the artwork!

Comic Con Germany 2017

Next year I hope to go to both days and wear an actual costume!

Do you guys read comics? I mostly read manga (Ouran Host Club & Fruit Basket for life!!) and a few others, like Calvin & Hobbes and Mafalda. Comic Con definitely made me want to pick up new stuff to read.

14 thoughts on “Comic Con Germany 2017 – My experience

  1. Uhhhhuuuu!! Que legal!! Adoro Comic Cons…quero ir hahhaha
    Adoro teus posts minha linda! Você é muito talentosa! Orgulhoooooo!!!!! bjks!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Met Ricky Whittle at Comic Con Stockholm last year, the funnies guy I have ever met!
    It´s not that big in Sweden yet, but it grows every year, and depending on what celebs that visit the amount of people change as well 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Waaah! This is so cool. I’m super jealous because I think it’d be awesome to go to a con in Germany. I’ve been to Comic Con in Chicago and AnimeJapan in Tokyo. Both are so amazingly different from each other (especially when you don’t speak fluent Japanese :p ), and I can only imagine what it’d be like to be at a German convention. 😀 What was your favorite part of the con? The panels? the cosplays? The artwork? 🙂 (I’m guessing this was just comics and not manga, as well?)


    • I think there is one in Paris that is supposed to be pretty awesome! Also the Berlin one was last weekend… sadly I couldn’t go, but I’ve only ever been to this one in Stuttgart, really.


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