Review: When Dimple met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon

When Dimple met Rishi Sandhya Menon

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance

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This must be the most adorable book I have ever read. In my life. Dimple Shah has just graduated High School, and has been accepted into Stanford to start studying Computer Science. But her parents have different plans for her – specially her mom, who is quite disappointed on Dimple’s unconventional behavior. She dreams of Dimple finding an ideal husband, settling down, marrying and having children. The mere idea of becoming domestic terrifies Dimple.

Rishi Patel is the most romantic person you could meet. He is set to start Engineering in MIT after High School, and he firmly believes in conventions and traditions. His parents have found him a girl to marry, and the idea of arranged marriage really excites Rishi. What could be better than the two people who love you most choosing someone who they think is perfect for you?

When Dimple’s parents let her go to a web developing summer camp, Dimple is beyond shocked and happy. Rishi goes to the same camp to meet his possible future wife – only to very soon realize that Dimple knows nothing of this arrangement.

Review When Dimple Met Rishi

This book is hilarious. I laughed so much (in public, oh my god), especially the first half is incredibly funny. This was so impossible to put down and reads so easily, it’s quite ideal for taking on vacation or commute. This book was on my Summer list, and I am quite glad, since it is perfect for reading in Summer.

I found Dimple really relatable. Her dreams of becoming someone who makes a difference, to follow her passion and the struggles she goes through because of being a girl in a man’s field are something that made her such a realistic character to me. I really enjoyed the parts when she talked about web development, you could feel her passion shining through. I wish the development part had been more present in the book, as it seems sometimes like a background to have Rishi and Dimple work together. They speak of the project a few times, but I wish that the book had given a little more on what it turned out like.

Rishi is so, so sweet. He is a very mature character and I loved that the book involved his point of view as much as Dimple’s. I found him so relatable too – the wish to please your parents, the pressure to be as good an example for your younger sibling as you can… it all made him very realistic, as well. Also he is an outspoken feminist, so there is that.

The secondary characters were so rom-com stereotypical that I rolled my eyes a few times, but forgave it. Also the talent show seemed like an unnecessary thing, just added for the character development it provided, but I frowned at the idea of a web development camp having a talent show that gave such a financial advantage to the winners.

All in all, I am not sure what I expected from this book – I don’t gravitate towards YA romances, and all the reviews saying how cute and adorable this book was made me very curious. But Dimple being a tech girl was what sold it to me. I am so glad I picked this up, it honestly changed my mind about YA romance not being for me. It was fluffy, cute, sweet, and so funny. It was exactly perfect for the weekend I read it, and I think it’ll be perfect for a beach vacation.

My favorite thing about this book, though, is the portrayal of Indian-American culture, how it helped shape the characters’ personalities and how stereotypes are hurtful and dehumanizing. I surely learned a few things and it was wonderful. It was also really enjoyable to see how family was important to them, instead of seeing the family disappearing as the story goes, like many romances (and other genres!) do.

Verdict: This book is sweet, adorable and hyped-up for good reason. I recommend to read it if you’re looking for a feelgood kind of book, something to make you smile and feel happy when you read. It reads so fast and it’s hilarious!

15 thoughts on “Review: When Dimple met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon

  1. Fantastic review, Naty! Oh my God, you totally nailed on this review, incorporating the key word (the word that Dimple fears the most) … amazing!
    I totally agree with the talent show being unnecessary. It comes across being added just to move the romance forward or keep the story going.
    Glad that you enjoyed this book as much as I did 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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