Mini-Review: How to Stop Time, by Matt Haig

How to Stop Time Matt Haig

Rating: ★★★★★

Recommend: Yes

Genres: Science Fiction

Add it to your TBR: GoodreadsSkoob

“I should also say, in case it needs saying: I don’t know for sure that the words I write were the words that were actually spoken. They probably weren’t. But this is how I remember these things, and all we can ever be is faithful to our memories of reality, rather than the reality itself, which is something closely related, but never precisely the same thing.”

How am I supposed to write a review about this book without going into an incoherent babbling about how much I loved it? I will keep this review short!

How to Stop Time tells the story of Tom Hazard, a man with a rare condition, who ages one year for every fifteen. Born in the late 1500s, he spends his life fleeing every few years so that the truth of his condition doesn’t come out. Having seen much of the history of the world, Tom now works as a History teacher in London, trying to live an ordinary life and hopeful to find his daughter, who has been missing since the early 17th century.

This is a sweet and sad story, which breaks your heart and then mends it back together with its warmth. Matt Haig’s portrayal of humanity is both sorrowful and hopeful, and the message inked in your heart after reading it is so beautiful. His understanding of human life is just so on point, that the characters’ experiences, although so distant in time and space (and fictional) will resonate with you and pull the strings of your heart.

My minor comment is that all the “meeting famous people throughout history” thing sounded at times forced, but I think it was at the same time part of the charm of this story. The ending also felt a bit rushed. But honestly? The writing was beautiful and this book left a strong impression on me. 5 stars, no doubt.

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