10 Book Recommendations for Fall

Helloooo, fellow book lovers!

I am so excited for Fall! Since moving to Europe, I am ridiculously happy with Fall stuff, it’s Pumpkin Season™ and I will have pumpkin everything, please (we don’t have pumpkin stuff in Brazil, so leave me be with my silly happiness). Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta, grilled pumpkin, pumpkin cake, GIMME ALL THE PUMPKIN. Also: DIE, FLIES, DIEEE

Okay, calming down and focusing…

Here are some suggestions of books for Fall! They are mostly creepy reads, but I also added a few cozy ones.


Wuthering Heights, of course! This is a very atmospheric read, dark and twisted. The bleakness of the place and the tension in the air are very well characterized, the characters were all broken and twisted. It was my first Gothic read and I loved it!

Rebecca is also a dark mystery that is very well written and creepy. It starts innocently enough with a young girl marrying an older man whose first wife died in an accident. As she moves to his house and becomes the second Mrs. de Winter, she finds out that the old Mrs. de Winter is still a very much alive presence in the house.

I read Dracula many years ago, but remember enjoying very much! The diary-style of the story is very interesting, and the tension and mystery build up as the story goes. I don’t think it was particularly scary, but very unique!

See What I have done Sarah SchmidtThe Vegetarian Han KangNight Circus Erin Morgenstern

See What I Have Done is a thriller that follows the story of the 1892 ax murder of the Borden couple. It’s a raw read full of goriness and tension in the air at all times. Although it happens during Summer, I think many people are still having a rather warm Fall, so it could very well fit! It’s well worth if you love real-life crime stories!

I do have a full review of The Vegetarian coming up at some point, but to sum up: this book describes a young woman who has a terrible dream and decides to become vegetarian. This turns out to be a decision that will have awful consequences for her and her family, as she slowly descends into a plant-like existence. This book is about the burdens people carry and it’s going to make you have many feelings.

The Night Circus is as atmospheric as it gets! This gorgeous romance has a dark and magical setting, and speaks of love, sacrifice and loneliness. It will surely captivate you.

13836Uprooted Naomi NovikReview: Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Wild Magic is a very nice and cozy read. It’s a book full of magic, adventure and animals, and Daine is an honest and sweet character that is learning to control her powers. Tamora Pierce’s writing style is warm and nice to read under the blankets while drinking a hot beverage.

Uprooted is another read that is just so full of magic and it just feels so lush. This book feels like a fairy tale, full of adventure and learning magic, and princes and an evil forest. I loved it!

Magpie Murders is great if you love whodunits! You get one contemporary mystery and a cozy murder mystery in a small English village, so it’s like two books in one.


Alien is probably the first sci-fi I ever read, and the horror elements were so engrossing I could not put this book down! Space, aliens, horror, thriller, badass characters? You got ’em!

23 thoughts on “10 Book Recommendations for Fall

  1. Great recommendations, I read Wuthering Heights during autumn too and it definitely has the right vibe to it. Rebecca also seems like the perfect read for this period, I read it during the summer and I feel like I lost a lot of its atmosphere… I’m also very interested in Uprooted and The Night Circus, I might try to read them during this autumn. 🙂

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  2. I´m thinking about reading Wuthering Heights this fall, but I have a few others on the TBR list that I need to finish before. But It has been unread in my shelf for a long time now 😛


  3. hehehe I love pumpkins!! 😀 This is such a brilliant list!! Agree that Rebecca and Wuthering Heights are so atmospheric and perfect for autumn!! And yes to Night Circus!! And Wild Magic is such a cozy read!! I need to read Uprooted too- perhaps I should read it this season 😉

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