12-hour Readathon: How it went!

Hello Bookworms!

Last weekend my boyfriend (who wishes to remain anonymous… but I swear he exists) and I decided to do a Readathon and read for 12 hours straight (we didn’t take books to the bathroom breaks though… if you must know). It was the first time we did that, so we prepared ourselves and got lots of snacks, coffee, wine and comfy pants. Here were our choices of reading, his on the left and mine on the right:




It will probably come as no surprise that we didn’t actually manage to read all three books we set to, but we didn’t expect to do that, anyways. The plan was to have a little variety so as to not get into a reading slump, so we chose 1 book more than we thought we’d be able to read in 12 hours. Honestly, I thought that after 3h or so, we’d be tired and have a headache or so (I have headaches easily). But it was easier than we thought to do the 12h! (Twitter helped)


We had a sturdy and late breakfast, so that we wouldn’t be hungry too soon. 15min after that, however, the nachos were attacked. No regrets. By hour 2, I’d had 3 coffees. By hour 6, I couldn’t eat nachos anymore. Some regrets.

Night Film was VERY atmospheric and I read it very slowly, trying to taste word by word instead of rushing through it. It was a wonderful read and I loved it! Although the characters fell a little flat for me, the mystery was just SO GOOD that I didn’t care too much about its small flaws. I absolutely adored the noir feeling of this novel.


I started then with Stalking Jack the Ripper by hour 6 (around 6 pm), when I considered it was dark outside enough to have wine. At this point, a fourth coffee would have been too much, and I wanted something to help get in the mood for another book (what a sad excuse, I just really wanted wine). This was such a fast read, and I loved the main character so much and the gory aspects of this novel! It’s perfect for Halloween! Looking so much forward to reading the sequel. I actually cheated here because I needed some time the next day to finish the novel, but I’m counting it here! I read most of it during the Readathon anyways.

I never got to The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which for me would’ve been a re-read anyways, so it didn’t matter much! I’ll read it another time.


(Here’s a picture to prove my boyfriend is a real human and not a figment of my imagination… I hope. He’s got such gorgeous hands, I CAN’T EVEN. Also he very nicely agreed to leave the comfy armchair to take a picture for you guys, so please say hi to him!)

His impressions:

“This was my first Readathon, and I really enjoyed it! I expected it to be tough to concentrate on reading for such a long time, but it was a very pleasant experience. Most of my reading takes place on my commute or before going to sleep, so I’m normally sleepy/exhausted/tired. Reading when your mind is fresh was quite different from that! As for my readings:
– I started with Timeline (Michael Crichton), a thriller about time travel. As was expected, it was an easy read and a reliable page-turner.
– Afterwards, I read some non-fiction: Rome. An Empire’s Story (Greg Woolf). I love ancient history, so this was a success with me, too.
– Lastly, I started The Cuckoo’s Calling (Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling). I read only a quarter so far, but I am quite entertained with the style (and I normally don’t read crime novels at all!). This was the biggest positive surprise of the Readathon. J.K. still got it 😉
I would totally do a Readathon again, if someone will join me (looking at you, Naty).”

I had the time of my life watching him read Timeline, which I read some months ago, and see him go “OMG” and chuckle throughout the book. Very entertaining.

To me it was a total success. Maybe next time we get shorter novels, I think I’d feel much more accomplished reading more novels, although I did get lots of reading done. I had already started Night Film some days before, but was reading so slowly that my boyfriend actually read an entire book and 1/3 of another before I even got to my second. To be fair, he reads very fast. Also, I was on Twitter and Instagram a lot. #shame

Have you done Readathons like these?

Also, what’s your favorite Agatha Christie novel? I got The Murder of Roger Ackroyd for this Readathon but I really like Death on the Nile and Thirteen at the Table as well. Murder at the Orient Express is really popular lately, but has never been a favorite for me. Are you guys watching the movie?

45 thoughts on “12-hour Readathon: How it went!

  1. awww naty that’s so cool! thanks for sharing that here! 🙂 i am so glad that you both had fun! it’s a really cool experience. i once did a 24h readathon, from which i have read about 14 hours i think. i chose short books and finished four, so i guess you feel more accomplished with shorter books! i still have to say, that i admire you for having a boyfriend who reads and who wants to do a readathon. that’s so cool! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Annie! Reading is THE perfect excuse to avoid social interaction. Stalking Jack the Ripper is a really nice one, the pictures/letters inside definitely help with the atmosphere of the book!

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  2. I’m so jealous right now because my boyfriend would NEVEREVEREVER agree to do something like this. It’s a miracle if he finishes a book.. Since we live together – a year now – he has started three books and read only half of each. They’re just.. lying there. I’ll read them myself at some point, but in a way it makes me so jealous to see that other boyfriends do an effort to read together while mine.. Well, doesn’t, haha.
    [Not that I love him any less for it, but it’s a pity really.]

    Anyway! I’m glad you had fun with this readathon. I can imagine it goes smooth when you’re not on your own as well. I’ll have my own readathon weekend when my boyfriend’s on his “guy’s weekend away”, but I’ll probably end up falling asleep every two hours or simply get distracted with everything.. Ugh.

    Aaaanyway! [again] Glad you enjoyed Stalking Jack the Ripper! I just finished One Of Us Is Lying and I have to pick my next read. Might be that one.. I’ll find out in about.. five minutes. Haha. :’)

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    • My boyfriend is quite a bookish person himself, otherwise we wouldn’t have done a Readathon, I think. It’s not terribly easy for non-bookworms to spend such a long time reading… but omg, I’d be agonizing too if he started 3 books and didn’t finish them!

      I got distracted a lot, to be honest… Twitter and Instagram and such. But one still reads a lot, even with a lot of breaks! I’ll love to know how it went for you!

      Ohh is One of Us is Lying good??? I was thinking about reading it!

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      • You’re lucky on that part, haha. I sometimes really wish we could just snuggle together and read instead of him always having the television on [it distracts me all the time] or vanishing to his computer for hours on end. But that’s just me.
        Indeed! And it’s not like they were small books. One of them is about 500 pages so he got in a great deal of reading and then.. nothing..

        When I do some reading sprints on my own, I always put on an app on my phone – Flippd. It simply blocks the whole thing so I can’t open any apps, haha. It really does help me to focus on reading and not get distracted by notifications.

        I’ll probably have a post up about it afterwards!

        I really enjoyed it; although my initial suspicion ended up being right – although I had no clue about the details – it was still a pretty fluent read. Page-turner, because you just want to find some kind of small clue to who’s done it and it keeps you reading.

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        • I was thinking of doing one time a Readathon with an audiobook and both of us listening together while doing other things… I wonder if your boyfriend might like that? I don’t mean to intrude, just thought it might be fun 🙂

          Huh, I’d never heard of this app!! I’ll look it up!

          I look forward to your post, I love reading about reading sprints/marathons hehe

          Hummm, I’m not too sure about a YA whodunit, but I might give it a chance!

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          • Hm, that could be an option! Maybe then I’d actually be able to focus on it and not start doing other stuff and get completely distracted. I’ll have to suggest it to him!

            Let me know if it helps!

            I just love reading about any kind of reading challenges in general, haha. Always gives me inspiration too.

            You never know!

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  3. Oh my goodness gracious this is too adorable! My husband would never read a book with me like that. He’s just not the reading book types. Magazines or blog articles, sure but never a book, haha. I enjoyed this post very much!

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    • Thank you, Nel! ❤ Yes, he's very bookish too, I have teased him to create a blog himself a few times. I think it's more common for girls/women to be bookish than men… Which is a pity!

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  4. This sounds so much fun! Loved to read about it! 😀

    I´m curious about Murder on the Orient Epress mostly because of the actors but I will probably wait to watch it after it gets released on DVD because cinemas here at home are ridduculus epensive 😛

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  5. Firstly hello to your boyfriend. It’s great that you two did a readathon together; that’s so cool. And you both did really well. 2 or 3 books in a 12 hour period is impressive.

    I am actually participating in a 24 hour readathon this weekend, though I probably will only be able to read for a few hours because of unexpected plans from my boyfriend.

      • Well, I had to be a bit selective with my reading choices because the boyfriend has tickets to a paintballing place that have to be used very soon, so we’ll spend some time on Saturday doing that, and then we’re apparently having friends over to play D&D. So, I had to pick books that I know I can read quickly so I can still have a good readathon. I’ve selected 3 graphic novels, a poetry collection, and then 2 novels if I can squeeze either or both into my day. We’ll see what happens.

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        • Paintball!! I’ve never done that but it sounds so amazingly fun! Ohh I’ve always wanted to play D&D, but also didn’t have enough people to do that – some of my friends like boardgames, or playing Magic or some videogames, but not ONE plays D&D.

          Good luck with your readathon, it does sound wonderfully varied! I must get to read more graphic novels and poetry.

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          • It’ll be my first paintballing experience, so I’m hoping I have a good time.

            I love D&D and am lucky that I have a number of friends who also enjoy it. For those who like videogames, they may enjoy the character customization/optimization or the roleplay aspects of D&D, and for the fans of Magic, I’ll just say that recently they came out with a little crossover featuring the Kaladesh setting, so it would not be difficult at all to create an artificer/tinkerer type character who uses the thopters and other devices seen in Kaladesh.

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  6. Naty my dear, I loved this post! Please, call me for the next readathon! Let’s make it global! hahahahaha
    I’m reading Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare and I am having a lot of fun. Miss you guys!

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  7. This is the most adorable post I’ve read so far! I wash my husband was a reader, because it sounds like the most intimate and even romantic evening. (Hi to Naty’s boyfriend!) Maybe I’ll try to convince my daughter to do a 12 hour readathon with me.

    On another note, Timeline is the only Michael Crichton book I’ve read and I loved it. 🙂

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