10 Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

Hello readers!

What has changed for you since you started blogging? Did you expect your habits to change at all? Did they come as a surprise for you?

Here’s what changed for me!

  1. I now use words like “enthralling” and “gripping”. It seems like “SO GOOD” isn’t an entire review, after all. Also “unputdownable” is a word??
  2. I read more critically. Not only analyzing if it was a good book or not, or what has called my attention about it, but also more pointed things, like writing style, book tropes, pacing. Probably because of that, I recommend books to people more confidently. Because now I know what I found good or bad about what I read, so it’s easier to see if someone will like it or not. Although sometimes my brain just goes a bit stupid and all I can think about after reading is “SO GOOD” and writing a review becomes very difficult! 
  3. I read a lot of new releases! I’m 100% a mood reader, and seeing a book going around on Instagram, Book blogs, Booktube etc will definitely make me want to read it more. This happens far more often with new releases than older books, soo…
  4. I tried audiobooks! Really great experience, which I definitely would not have tried without blogging!
  5. I read more YA and fantasy. After having a couple disappointing experiences with YA, I’d become more cautious with the genre, and found myself inclined towards women’s fiction far more. But now I get awesome recommendations that definitely don’t disappoint at all. Fantasy also sometimes can be a hit or miss for me, but with reading more reviews I get far more hits now! 
  6. I learned and use acronyms daily, like TBR, YA, NA, ARC, MC… book blogging has its own language.
  7. I created Twitter, something I never thought I would. And Twitter is more fun than I thought. So hard to keep your thoughts to 140 characters, though. (when I wrote this post at least… now it’s 280 characters, but I’m team 140)
  8. I also created a public Instagram account, which means I now take photos of books randomly in places I go to, while looking like a weirdo who photographs books on top of pumpkins while an old couple judges me. #truth
  9. I use lots of my spare time to read and blog, and have no idea what I did before with said spare time. Did I have friends? I vaguely remember faces. 
  10. I am more lenient with my ratings. As now I start listing exactly what I like and dislike about a book, sometimes small things that made me very petty with the rating seem very small. Though twice it did happen that I had given a better rating and changed for a worse one when writing the review. The majority of the ratings tend to go up, though.

38 thoughts on “10 Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

  1. Great post, Naty! I totally agree with you, I became more vocal and critical to books in general! I think it’s because the idea of writing posts is always in the back of my mind🤔📚 I’m no longer content with just saying whether I liked it or not! I need to be explain my thoughts in detail 😂😂😂

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  2. really good post naty!! blogging definitely changed a lot for me too! i know what you mean about the time. what you did before haha! i feel the same! also twitter! it’s weird how life changes but it also feels so good to know there are people like yourself out there! 😍

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    • Me either! And it’s only been a few months of blogging, so it definitely surprised me. Yes, my average is normally 30 books per year, this year I’ll be reading around 90 for sure… so crazy!

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  4. Lovely post, Naty!! ❤ Blogging is really nice and definitely changed a lot in my life, like voicing my opinions. I used to be a pretty passive person in the bookish community, but since becoming a blogger, I feel like it’s needed to come forward with my opinions.
    I wish I would like audiobooks more now, but I still have a hard time reading them. 😢

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    • Thank you, Marty!! Yes, I think audiobooks are so easy to become a miss and then ruin the whole reading experience and make you dislike a book just because the narration wasn’t so good… and me too, I was pretty shy recommending books to people, but blogging definitely helps with that 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely comment!


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  6. It does feel like ALL my spare time goes to reading or blogging, lol. I feel like I need to streamline my life so that I can fit more of that into it too! Isn’t it amazing how needing to gather your thoughts for a review makes you more critical but also less?! My ratings change to once I’ve written a review!! ❤ Great post Naty!!

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    • Right?? Not that it bothers me too much to spend so much time reading/blogging, I feel like before I just watched more TV series and spent more time online doing useless stuff… but it does take up a LOT of time!

      Thank you! ❤


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