Review: They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera [Audiobook]

They Both Die At The End Adam Silvera

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, LGBT+

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What would you do if you knew you had less than 24h before you die?

They Both Die At The End is a lovely, sad and hopeful story that follows Rufus and Mateo on the last day of their lives. When Death-Cast calls them on September 5th, both boys need to decide how to spend their last day, and they end up signing up for the Last Friend app, in hope of getting company one last time and try to live their whole lives in less than 24h. 

My dear friend Noriko at Diary of a Bookfiend recommended this book and, after having my heart ripped out by History is All You Left Me, I immediately added it to my to-read list! Thank so much for the recommendation, you rock as always! ❤

In this alternate universe, you get a call somewhere between midnight and three AM of the day you die, so you can choose to spend it as you wish. This isn’t a very light read, from page one you know that the book will end in death and you spend even the funny and cute moments wondering if it will be now. As I listened to this as an audiobook, I didn’t have the physical book to check how long is there left, so I really had no idea how far in I was for most of the time. There is a sadness, an urgency during the whole story, it starts off slowly showing the superficial layers of the characters but, as you get to know Rufus and Mateo better, the knowledge of their imminent death grows heavier and heavier.

I loved the voice of Rufus and have a small crush on him now. This book made me tear up, and their friendship warmed and broke my heart. The character development was so wonderful and doesn’t feel too fast despite the whole book being told in one day. Mateo is a sweetheart, and Rufus is so laid-back and loyal. I love them both.

The writing is positively raw, like History Is All You Left Me, but I found this one even more heartbreaking. It breaks you quietly as you little by little get invested into the characters’ lives, whereas History Is All You Left Me throws emotional punches all around. I highly recommend this book, but be ready to be very, very sad.

Also, is it weird that I picture Rufus as Steve from Stranger Things?? Anyways, read this so we can weep together.

21 thoughts on “Review: They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera [Audiobook]

  1. Awwww, wonderful review as always, Naty! And thank you so much for the sweet intro! I am so humbled to read that ❤
    Yes, this book is really really sad especially the ending literally broke my heart and led me to a sobbing mess. The last sentence left me stunned – imagining what would happen to Rufus and his grief shattered my heart to bits.
    Adam Silvera really knows how to rip our hearts but I think one of the underlining themes in his book is a celebration of life and it's executed in a wonderful way. I am so glad that you loved this book as much as I did ❤

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    • Thank you!! ❤ Yes, the ending left me staring into the ceiling and I had to repeat it again to make sure I'd gotten it right… was so… *sobs*

      Yes, he's quite a fantastic author. I would never have read his books if you hadn't recommended, so thanks again for that! ❤

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  2. great review naty! i am so happy, that you liked this book and these characters. i loved mateo so, so much, because i could totally relate to him! but rufus was also soooo sweet. this book didn’t hit me that hard, because i build a wall around me before going into this. so i was prepared, that it wouldn’t break me… 😀


  3. Fantastic review but I’m really frightened to read it. On the other hand I do love a good cry but not being left sad at the end of the book. Do I make sense???

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  4. I listened to this as an audiobook as well and absolutely loved it! I’m glad you loved it as well! The voices are just so good! Such a sad story knowing how it’s going to end but still living life to the fullest. Tugged at the heartstrings! And you know, I never thought about Rufus as Steve from ST but I can kinda picture that and I love it! Awesome review 🙂

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  5. Great review, and this is a fantastic yet sad book. I devoured it all in one day back in June and found myself crying at the bus station while I waited to head home from NYC. Adam Silvera is just really good at taking his readers on an emotional rollercoaster.

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