Review: The Ghostwriter, by Alessandra Torre

The Ghostwriter Alessandra Torre

Rating: ★★★★★

Genres: Contemporary, Mystery

Goodreads / Amazon

To be honest, I didn’t know much about the plot when I started reading this book. I had seen it recommended by many fellow book bloggers and highly so, and although I read the synopsis a few times, somehow I completely forgot about it and thought it was a murder mystery. So I was not emotionally ready for the roller coaster it would get my heart through.

The Ghostwriter tells the story of Helena Ross, a famous romance writer, right after she discovers she has terminal brain cancer. Having three months left to live, she was a deep, dark secret she wants to tell the world – a confession of a part of her history she can’t forget. But as the disease gets worse and worse, she realizes she’ll need help if she wants to finish her book in time. She decides to hire a ghostwriter, an erotica writer who is gorgeous, sexy and has loads of talent but stubbornly keeps writing trashy books. Together, they will try to write about that part of Helena’s life before she dies.

I have just finished this book, and I am at loss for words. The beginning starts intriguing enough, with hints of darkness and mystery and I was very impressed by the writing. Helena’s character is one of the best-written ones I’ve ever read, a woman difficult to love but you can’t help doing just that. I loved also that she was a writer and that we got to see two different writers and their different writing processes.

This pulled the strings of my heart and left me shocked and speechless. I turned page after page, desperate to get to the ending. It’s only January but I can tell already that this will be one of my favorite reads of the year.

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