Discussion: Journal for Blogging / How do you organize yourself?

Hello readers!

I have been bullet-journalling for two years now, and this year I’ve been experimenting with how to include blogging into that. After some months trying, I have now merged my personal bullet journal with my book blogging one!


Doing both together helps me keep focus. I tried for a while to do them separately so that I wouldn’t feel under pressure too much, but I found that it didn’t work well for me like that. This year for some reason I couldn’t get the usual notebook I use, so I got a diary (the one themed with Alice in Wonderland) to keep up with daily things and to-dos, and a second, lined notebook, to write lists, as below:

Please forgive my absolute lack of ability, I also for some reason don’t like using rulers (?). Anyway, here are some lists I decided not to do, because time is precious and my patience is very limited:

  • My physical TBR
  • My digital TBR
  • My read books this year
  • Blog stats (honestly, I don’t care that much)

I’m keeping it very, very simple and practical. So no washi tape, no colored pens, no rulers (again… why? No idea), hardly any stickers etc. I want to spend just a few minutes everyday on that.

Here are some bloggers that inspired me!

8 Ways I Use My Bullet Journal as a Reader and a Blogger

Bullet Journal for Bloggers

Updated Bullet Journal

A Look Inside my Bookish Notebook 2018

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How do you organize your blogging life? Do you schedule? Do you maintain a journal? What lists should I add to my bullet journal? Let me know!

29 thoughts on “Discussion: Journal for Blogging / How do you organize yourself?

  1. currently i don’t organize my blogging life! i have space for the post i’m doing in my weekly bullet journal but nothing more! i also have a reading journal that has thoughts about each book i read and some stats. and now i got a blogger journal from a good friend for christmas which is pretty cool but i haven’t set it up yet! but it has great spreads and i’m looking forward to organize myself through that! 🤗
    also: „more than this“ – yay!!! 😬

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  2. Such a fun post! I tried bullet journaling, but I just felt like my notebook was too disorganized, so I committed all out to May Designs and have a regular planner, a notebook for to do lists and other lists I think of, and my bookish notebook that I put in a folio and bring to work with me. It’s bulkier than just a single agenda, but it seems to work well for me and it’s super pretty, which doesn’t hurt 😉

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    • Thank you, Dani! Yes, I keep a different journal for work as well, but since I bring big bags or a backpack to work anyway, carrying a few notebooks is quite fine! So we do it very similarly 🙂

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  3. I use a bullet journal to keep track of my posts, my TBR and my ideas for my blog. I also have a planner I use too since it’s sometimes easier for me to look at the week. Your pages look so good and I wish I could do fancy handwriting, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

    Can’t wait to check out the links you included. 🙂

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  4. Ooh, I mainly organize my blog via my phone! I like planning ahead, and I’m one to often switch ideas and posts around, so it’s best for me to not write things down because I’ll just erase them constantly. 😂 I tried to keep a planner when I first started blogging, but dumped that after a couple days. I do wish I could be one of those people who can upkeep a bullet journal, though. ❤️

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  5. Oh, this is nice! I got a bullet journal not so long ago, but haven’t written anything in it… hehe.

    I have a planner / calendar app thing on my tablet where i can put tasks and to do lists. So far that proven to be the best for me. It’s always with me anyway.

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  6. I just started journaling last year! At the risk of sounding stupid, I still have no idea how to use washi tape. Lol. Mine is more like of a log. I keep track of dates and a small summary of what happened. 😊

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