Books I Read Because of Book Bloggers #1

Hello Readers!

One of the side effects of creating a blog and getting in contact with lots of people is that you get to know a LOT of books you normally wouldn’t be drawn to or even have heard of! Consequently your to-read pile gets enormous, but well. Below are some of the books I only heard about because of other bloggers and that I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, by Jenny Han

I don’t remember who had recommended this book, but I heard it was all cute and funny and very good representation… I picked it up last summer in the spirit of reading different things from my comfort zone, and I really liked it! It’s a really cute book and I’ll read the continuation somewhen soon!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This one was recommended by several book bloggers, and the cover would have kept me far away from it. My curiosity got the best of me and I succumbed to the hype. I assumed it was a romance, but it’s so much more than that. I got it as an Audible, and it was so much fun to listen to the awesome narration and the very captivating story!

The Female of The Species, by Mindy McGinnis

This book ended up being one of my favorites from last year! Such a great, dark YA! Also don’t remember who recommended (ugh).

History is All You Left Me, by Adam Silvera

They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera

Both these books were suggested by my friend Noriko, who loved the books so much I simply had to read them! She has great taste in books, and was spot-on: I loved these YAs, both broke my heart so much!

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, by Mackenzi Lee

This was also recommended by several bloggers, and it was such a unique, fun story with romance, adventure and great representation! I ended up giving 3 stars because the Audiobook was a bit boring for my taste, but it’s a great book nonetheless!

Heartstone, by Elle Katharine White

This also turned into a favorite last year, and I would never even have heard of it if not for this review from Danielle! 5 stars, amazing book, I can’t even believe it’s a debut.

Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

I had to add Fangirl to my list after this review from Katie!

Leia: Princess of Alderaan, by Claudia Gray

I was not really going to pick this one up because a lot of books based on movies tend to be quite bad, and there’s SO MUCH stuff written on the Star Wars expanded Universe that it’s just impossible to choose from. But then I read this review from Shawn and decided to give it a chance! I loved the book and already got Bloodline from the same author, which I’m so excited to read!!

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How about you? Which books did you pick up because a book blogger recommended them? And do you recommend me a book to read? Let me know!

44 thoughts on “Books I Read Because of Book Bloggers #1

  1. There are just so many!!! For instance, I would never have picked up 180 seconds by Jessica Park had there not been for Misty, and what else… simply speaking, there are just way too many influences ever since I started my blog and I enjoyed every second of it! You, Naty, have always been one of those influences! 🙂

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    • Right!!! That’s why I put part 1, because there’s so many I probably don’t even remember! I just added this week 3 books from bloggers’ recommendations 😀 The book blogging community will get me poor but happy hahahah

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  2. a book i read because of book bloggers is ‘a skinful of shadows’. it is a historical fiction stories about 17th century England and very dark and sometimes creepy but i picked it up anyways because i love historical fiction and… it was awesome! 🍂 // so here are some recommendations from me; the ‘stalking jack the ripper’ series by kerri maniscalco (5 stars, i love them, thomas is the best), ‘the kiss of deception’ by mary e. pearson is the first book in the remnant chronicles and so addicting, ‘every, everything’ by nicola yoon (fun contemporary, short, fast-paced, lots of doodles, perfect for summer).

    i hope you take a look at these books because i really liked them a lot. ♡

    xx Linda

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    • Ohhhh I have A Skinful of Shadows on my TBR! Not only does it sound AWESOME, but the cover is so gorgeous!!!

      Heheheh your recommendations are relly good, because I read 2 out of those and I loved them!! Definitely picking Everything, Everything on Summer, thanks so much for the recommendation!

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  3. i came across the female of the species on a blog and now i want to read it because the review was really good
    Same for the gentleman’s guide… i never would have thought that it’s my sort of book

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  4. There are so many books I’ve read because of my fellow bloggers, too. I plan on reading Female of the Species and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo! I want to read all of Taylor Jenkin Reid’s books tbh.

    Two I’d recommend are The Nowhere Girls and Rainbow Rowell’s short stories, Almost Midnight. 🙂

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  6. Cool idea for a post! I’m impressed you remember who specifically recommends things, lol. I’m just like, “Uhhhhh, I saw this good review from somebody, I’m not really sure who, but it was a GOOD review.” Thanks for including me! ❤

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    • I actually write down when I add a book because of someone! I started doing that when I came up with the idea for this post, and it really helps! I think it’s so nice for the other blogger as well to see that someone took their recommendation and enjoyed the book!

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  7. For me, I think it’s mostly anything YA I’ve read lately! I’ve read some of the books you listed (and I’m definitely seriously considering adding the rest to my never-ending TBR) and loved them! This is an amazing community and I feel like there isn’t really a better feeling than finding a book that actually lives up to the hype for once. Thanks for writing this! Loved the post 💛

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