Is it worth getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Dear readers!

I have used Kindle Unlimited once about two years ago, and I read some really great stuff there and some really bad stuff too. Thinking about that, plus the fact that I am in a book ban (again…) and I realized that Kindle Unlimited was a loop hole on my ban (hehe), I decided to try it for the 30-days free trial period! But then I had around three thousand ARCs to read, so I only read a few books on the free trial month. Then, for the sake of committing to blogging (just kidding, there were books I wanted to read hehehe), I stayed for another month.

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My Experience

I really like using the this subscription, as I love reading thrillers, and there’s a few classics in there too, plus lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Audiobooks, and it’s quite nice that I can switch seamlessly from ebook to Audiobook with this. I will probably not use it EVERY month, but there’s a lot of good books on the list and I will be using it from time to time. During this experience I read 10 books. A few other I ended up getting from either Netgally or Edelweiss, so I could definitely have added easily another 5 to this list if it wasn’t for that!

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  • You can cancel any time of the month and still use it till the end of your payed-for or trial month
  • Lots of thrillers and romances
  • A lot of those books come with an audibook included, so you can easily switch between ebook and audiobook
  • If you read a lot, it can be a bargain

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  • Very few new books, lots of the books offered are older
  • Many of the books offered are actually quite cheap
  • You need to read quite frequently to make it worth it
  • Sometimes only the first book of a series is available, not the whole series

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Book Suggestions

There are many great titles out there in the Kindle Unlimited, and they do change from time to time, but here are the ones that I think are cool, along with the normal price on Kindle and a few more infos. Do remember that this changes from time to time, so maybe not all these books are available when you read this post.

The Handmaid's Tale by [Atwood, Margaret]I Am Watching You by [Driscoll, Teresa]Pretty Girls Dancing by [Brant, Kylie]

Stillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake Series Book 1) by [Caine, Rachel]Killman Creek (Stillhouse Lake Series Book 2) by [Caine, Rachel](no image yet)

My Sister's Grave (The Tracy Crosswhite Series Book 1) by [Dugoni, Robert]Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by [Rowling, J.K.]The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Trilogy Book 1) by [Hutchison, Dot]

Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel by [Sullivan, Mark]The Naturalist (The Naturalist Series Book 1) by [Mayne, Andrew]A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea by [Ishikawa, Masaji]

Milk and Honey by [Kaur, Rupi]Abandon by [Crouch, Blake]19504931

The Hundredth Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series Book 1) by [King, Emily R.]The Fire Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series Book 2) by [King, Emily R.]The Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series Book 3) by [King, Emily R.]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: A Novel by [Foer, Jonathan Safran]1984 by [Orwell, George]Air Awakens (Air Awakens Series Book 1) by [Kova, Elise]

The Paper Magician (The Paper Magician Series, Book 1) by [Holmberg, Charlie N.]Life of Pi by [Martel, Yann]9496240

The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings) by [Tolkien, J.R.R.]Angelfall (Penryn & The End Of Days Series Book 1) by [Ee, Susan]The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 1) by [Collins, Suzanne]

Hidden Seams Alessandra TorreThe Ghostwriter Alessandra TorreHollywood Dirt Alessandra Torre

180 seconds jessica parkTips for Living Renee Shafranksy


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Is it worth it?

It depends! I loved reading new things I normally wouldn’t have picked up, and I really enjoy the audiobook narrations that you get together with many of the books. If you read mostly YA, you will be disappointed in the selection of books, though.

It is worth if you:

  • Read a lot of books per month
  • Are comfortable reading things that aren’t brand-new
  • Really like audiobooks

It’s not worth it if you:

  • Will use it only from time to time
  • Prefer reading specific books that you have on your list
  • Don’t use audiobooks that much
  • Prefer reading new releases

As for me, after this second month of trying it out, I will stop for a while – I have several books on my physical TBR that need reading, so the pressure of reading enough of the Kindle Unlimited books to make it worth the almost 10 dollars/month is not going to help. I will probably join again at another time, when my physical TBR is less intimidating, since there are so many cool books available!

If you can’t decide, I suggest you try the 1-month free trial.

Blog DividerHave you ever used Kindle Unlimited? What did you think? Are you thinking about trying it out?

25 thoughts on “Is it worth getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

  1. I’ve never used it and I don’t think I will. I really prefer reading physical copies and I.. do NOT handle audiobooks well. I simply forget what’s been said or am distracted immediately. Tried it again earlier this week and.. nope, doesn’t work.
    My Kindle is simply reserved for eARC’s and I quite like it that way, haha. I also keeps my library on there perfectly organized since I have three collections – “to read”, “read and keep”, “my own” for the books I did get for my Kindle because they were free and I really want to read them at some point. Others are deleted, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Kindles and the Kindle Unlimited serve a very particular kind of reader, and it definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a pity this post couldn’t be more useful to you! But to each their own 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have had Kindle unlimited for a couple of years and I have found some really great books and some not so good ones. Since having it I have found that I have bought less actual books. At times I miss having the feel of a book and I buy a few. For me I find it beneficial.


      • If you have a kindle and are also a prime member on Amazon, each month they will send you a list of 6 books that have not been published yet and you can pick one of them for free and read it straight away. If you are not a prime member, you still get the list, but you actually need to buy them for £0.99. Normally they cost over £3 once they are released.


  3. I never considered getting this subscription. I don’t mind reading older books, but my library has plenty of those already so I guess I don’t really see the need to pay for a subscription for access to similar books.


  4. I tried it out because I liked the idea of being able to listen to audiobooks while I cleaned and such. If I could listen to enough in a month to make up for the cost it will be worth it. But not all have free narration with them so you really have to search for them. I’m not sure yet if I will keep it or not.


  5. This is really helpful because I have definitely been considering at least trying the trial. It’s great to see some of the books that are actually available and I do agree with the pros/cons- especially about reading specific books off your list- which is something I’d have to consider, cos I think there’s a chance I could get the trial then not read any of the unlimited books.


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  7. To be completely honest, I don’t know if I’ll be giving this a go. At least, not right now. I have literally five shelves of unread books and I really feel as if I’d do them injustice by picking up anything else… I’ve had some of them on my TBR for years, as well!
    But it does sound interesting and like something I’d want to try sometime in the future… Might give it a go! Great post!!


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