Books I’m Not Sure If I Should Add to My TBR #2

Hello book lovers!

I am back with a second post on this series! You can read the first one on this link: Books I’m Not Sure If I Should Add to My TBR #1. I ended up adding a lot of those books to my TBR, so let’s see what this second part of the series will do!

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The Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I have heard much about this book! Some love it so much, and some were quite disappointed. The Passenger got so much hype some couple years ago, but now and then I will see reviews popping up, and most are of underwhelmed readers. Have you read it?? Should I pick it up?


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

This story sounds so, so interesting, and I would like to read more non-fiction, which makes this perfect. But I have heard it’s a very depressing read… not sure if I’m up for that. Any comments??


Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Here’s what I know about Caraval: it seems to be The Hunger Games story in a The Night Circus setting. Which sounds… not very creative, albeit interesting. I don’t know if I want to read a story that I’ve felt I’ve seen and read so many times. I tend to change up genres a lot, and lately I’ve read lots of great young adult fantasy, which on one hand encourages me to read more young adult fantasy and, on the other, makes me think twice about adding yet another book from this genre to my reading list. Since the story doesn’t sound particularly unique, nor does the execution or the characters, I might just skip it. I have, though, heard pretty amazing things about this novel, which keeps me wondering every time if I should give it a chance.


The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy

So far I have only heard pretty amazing things about this book, but I haven’t actually seen many reviews. The Disappearances tells the story of a town where things disappear every seven years: scents, reflections, and so on and Aila Quinn will have to find out why. This book sounds like a wonderful historical mystery with fantasy, but I’m afraid the plot might actually be very slow and with not so much going on.


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I have never seen so many mixed reviews as this series gets. I have read reviews of people who hated it, people who loved it so much, and so on. And I can’t decide based on the plot either: it could go badly or really well. Give me your opinions! How is the writing, pacing, the characters etc? If you have a review on your blog, please leave in the comments!


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Alright. So this sounds like so much fun! But it also sounds… cringey. Like I will be wrinkling my nose and thinking “But that’s Harry Potter” all the time. I don’t know… I wanna read it but I’m afraid to be rolling my eyes at the similarities.

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Have you read them? What do you think, should I add any of those books to my TBR?


13 thoughts on “Books I’m Not Sure If I Should Add to My TBR #2

  1. I have read Passenger, Shatter Me and Carry On. I absolutely adored Carry On so I would definitely recommend it, there are definitely some similarities to Harry Potter (although some of the similarities are more similar to Harry Potter fanfiction rather than canon) but it didn’t bother me at all. Passenger and Shatter Me are both a bit weird for me. I didn’t really enjoy Passenger but it’s not really my genre and I could see why people would enjoy it if it was there genre. With Shatter Me I really liked the first book, there were so many beautiful quotes in there and I loved the two main characters, but the set up for the second book at the end made me really not bothered about it so even though I enjoyed Shatter Me I have never read the rest of the series


  2. Ok I’ve heard really good things about the Henrietta Lacks book and I think Rainbow Rowell books are always worth a read:) my two cents worth🤣


  3. I have read passenger and it was good but it involved a lot of history that made me confused a bit but all in all a good book. Still haven’t read the second book though.
    Caraval is a book that I have been on the fence about. It gets mix reviews which makes me nervous. Another book I am scared to try is Zenith. I have heard more bad than good about this book. Great post 😊


  4. I was pretty let down by Caraval tbh. The whole Night Circus x Hunger Games is super misleading. It was vaguely reminiscent of them, but very vaguely and only really if you squint. I thought the main character was annoying and made weird conclusions. And the world building as super poor. Literally one of the explanations at the end is “yeah, no one knows how it works lol” which like isn’t an explanation??? Anyway I probably wouldn’t bother honestly


  5. My thoughts:
    1) Caraval is an interesting read but… you’re also really not missing out anything if you don’t read it? It has potential but I don’t think the potential fully gets realised and a lot of the book just feels like a bunch of filler without much payoff at the end
    2) Carry On – It really depends on you. I cannot STAND Rainbow Rowell and I’ve heard that Carry On is cringey as all hell. So if that’s what you’re concerned about then…. yup.


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  7. I have read Caraval and totally enjoyed it. You can’t compare it to the Night Circus because it’s so much different. But I love that and it is unique in its own way. However, I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it because I feel like this is a more plot based story


  8. SO I’ve read a few of these. I absolutely did not enjoy Shatter Me, and I seem to be in the unpopular opinion on that one. It seems like it was trying way too hard, and I understood nothing for the first half of it. I thought Caraval was okay. I got sucked into the hype with it and thought it was great. However, the more I think about, the more I just think it’s super eh. I thought Passenger was really beginning in the beginning. The Disappearances was quite good, though! I liked the world and the writing. Wonderful post, and hope you get a few good books!


  9. Cool list! I felt the same way about Passenger for ages, but I’ve added it to my tbr cos it sounds different and curiosity is getting the better of me. I personally felt Caraval was overhyped- it had a lot of cliched tropes and I didn’t like the writing or world building… but a lot of other people did like it, so you could enjoy it. I do want to read Disappearances. Shatter me personally started out okay for me, but I ended up loving it. As for Carry On, it is like Harry Potter, but that’s *because* it’s a parody, so it’s supposed to be similar- it’s kind of a funny, lighthearted take on the story and I absolutely love it (even if just for how good the romance is!) I hope that helps!


  10. I feel the same about The Passenger – I feel like I might skip on that one because I’ve heard it’s very slow-paced (among other flaws) and I’m awful at reading slow-paced books. I want to say read Caraval because I loved it, but now I don’t know, I don’t want to influence you in any way. I don’t think what makes Caraval great is how original it is, I just really loved the feel of the world, it was so mysterious and great. (but again, I haven’t read The Night Circus, people keep telling me that TNC is much better than Caraval)
    Lovely post! ❤


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