1 Year of Blogging + Giveaway Winner

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You guys! It’s been a full year of blogging! Thank you for reading my posts, keeping me motivated and for being such awesome readers and friends. I obviously wouldn’t be still blogging if it wasn’t for the great community here, which mas this fun and exciting. I love discussing books with you guys and the excitement of recommending books or starting up a discussion. You are so great!

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And the winners from the Giveaway are…

Rachel @ Pace, Amore, Libri, you’ll receive The Dry, Magpie Murders, The Muse, Young Jane Young, and Illuminae

Joanna @ Over The Rainbow Book Blog, you’ll receive Dimple, My Not So Perfect Life, Three Dark Thrones and One Dark Crown

Congratulations, girls!!! Please contact me privately to give me your addresses, can be a message on Goodreads, on Twitter, on Instagram… just let me know, then I will send the package soon 🙂

21 thoughts on “1 Year of Blogging + Giveaway Winner

      • Hahahaha! Thanks, Naty! My name is not so unique at all – well, naming tradition has become really outrageous in japan nowadays, but there used to be a time (when i was a kiddo), there were a lot of Noriko and I think my name is rather on a traditional, conservative side 😛

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          • I would say young parents tend to name their kids very westernized names, like, kind of forcing others to pronounce chinese characters (so-called kanji) in a way we don’t normally do.
            Hmm… I am not sure if you can read japanese kanji, but i might as well make a post on so-called kira-kira- names? That’s, in my opinion, a horrible trend lol


          • I can’t read kanji, but I think it’d be so so interesting to read your post! A friend of mine learned Japanese some years ago and said that the most difficult part is learning to to the kanji right…

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    • Ohhh congratulations to you too!!! It was definitely a great idea that we had last year, and I hope we both keep getting better and better at it!


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