eARC Review: Sea Witch, by Sarah Henning

sea witch sarah henning

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Young adult, Fantasy

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I have received this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

This is the year of The Little Mermaid retellings, I suppose! After reading To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, I had in mind that Sea Witch would be a similar book, perhaps darker. I was quite mistaken.

Sea Witch is the story of three friends, Evie, Anna and Prince Nik. Anna drowns in a tragic accident when they are eleven, and guilt has consumed Evie since. But when a mermaid saves Nik’s life and then shows up a day later, Evie thinks she knows that face: that’s Anna. Except the girl is called Annemette and has no memory of ever having been Anna. She is in love with Nik and need a true love kiss if she is to stay human forever – if she fails, Annemette will become nothing but foam in the sea. Continue reading

The Sunday Snuggle W30/2018 #TheSundaySnuggle

Hello readers!

Next week I have vacation! Yay! So I will not be able to update my Sunday Snuggle for the next weeks, but not to worry, as I have scheduled posts for those days already 🙂

Soooo this week Noriko @ Diary of a Bookfiend and I will start reading Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama! I am SUPER excited, as she is an awesome blogger whose reviews are always so insightful! A while ago we read together Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and it was so cool – it’s one of the reviews I liked writing the most, and it definitely was because of having discussed the book with Noriko before! (can you tell I’m super hyped for this??)

On Scribd I got:

12913325 Hate to Want You (Forbidden Hearts, #1) 30237404


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Books Set in Scotland I Want Read

So, we’re going to Scotland during Summer! It will be lots of fun and hopefully the weather will help! My boyfriend gave the idea that I read a few books set in Scotland, to get in the mood for the trip, and I thought the idea was fabulous! I think it’ll be even more atmospheric to read some of those during the trip, although I have no idea how much reading I’ll actually get done. So this post is my hopeful TBR.

Twitter was very helpful with suggestions! Thanks, guys!

I also got some inspiration by Sasha Alsberg’s video:

So, here’s to the list! Continue reading

eARC Review: Free Chocolate, by Amber Royer

free chocolate amber royerRating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera


I have received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This highly underrated book is among my favorite sci-fi reads this year! Free Chocolate is a space opera set around 150 years into the future, where Earth has chocolate as their main export and must protect its seeds from aliens at all costs, even if it means keeping your borders closed and animosity at high level. The story follows Bo as she plans to steal cocoa beans with the help of her boyfriend Brill, who is a Krom, the alien species who first invaded earth and stole coffee beans – and is now after the cocoa, too!  Continue reading

The Sunday Snuggle W29/2018 #TheSundaySnuggle

Hello readers!

This week it was SO HOT here in Germany, and I had to leave work early one time because it was simply too hot and I was getting headaches, nausea and dizziness. I know Brazil is hotter, but somehow the heat here affects me more… I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s so quick to go from cold to hot, whereas in Brazil the change in temperature is not so stark. Anyway! Reading-wise it was a quite productive week 😀

On Edelweiss I was approved for:

ladys guide to petticoats and piracy mackenzi lee

I was so, so excited to be approved for this book this week!! Omg!

On Netgalley I was approved for:


I also got a few ebooks:

Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven by [Saxena, Jaya, Zimmerman, Jess] Soulless (Parasol Protectorate Series Book 1) by [Carriger, Gail] Isle of Blood and Stone (Tower of Winds) by [Lucier, Makiia]

Also I got Scribd for a free month after reading Misty’s post (third link) and here is what I downloaded as Audiobooks:

34405666 8694389 Lab Girl Hope Jahren 22524101 36039614

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Series Review: Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan

18158562Crazy Rich Asians

Rating: ★★★★☆

Goodreads / Amazon

This first book centers on Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese Economics Professor from . Her boyfriend Nick takes her to Singapore to meet his family, and Rachel is shocked to realize he is ultra-mega rich and sole heir to a huge fortune. As the girlfriend of the most eligible bachelor in Singapore, Rachel is immediately envied and hated.

Crazy Rich Asians was quite fun! Although too full of descriptions (the entire trilogy is like that), I still found it very pleasant to listen to! I loved Rachel’s sweet and practical personality and, though Nick was so obtuse at times, he was also very sweet. I loved Astrid, Nick’s fabulous cousin, and the hilarious/annoying gossiping. There’s a lot of name-dropping about brands, which I found amusing. Continue reading

The Sunday Snuggle W28/2018 #TheSundaySnuggle

Hello readers!

This week I didn’t read that much, it’s been a bit hectic and I had loads to do… so hopefully next week I can pick up speed a bit! Next Saturday I’m planning to have a mini Readathon by myself, so I think I’ll have more books to talk about! Also, this week I started with only half my depression medication, and in 3 months I’ll be done with my meds and therapy altogether! Yay! 😀

(also, did you guys know Marilyn Monroe was a bookworm too? She read a lot in between filming scenes)

Bildergebnis für marilyn monroe reading Bildergebnis für marilyn monroe reading Bildergebnis für marilyn monroe reading

On Edelweiss I was approved for:


Which is very exciting, because I have just gotten the first book and I already had the second, so now I can binge-read this series! Yes, I love binge-reading!!

I also got a few ebooks:

This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) by [Schwab, Victoria] Now I Rise (And I Darken) by [White, Kiersten] Howl's Moving Castle (Howl's Castle Book 1) by [Jones, Diana Wynne] The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Illustrated) by [Christie, Agatha]

These books were max 1.99 US dollars each!! Omg, I had to. I got them while writing my post Cheap AF US Kindle eBooks on Amazon This Week! (under $3). In case you want to buy books not spending much, just check it out 🙂

I also got the following physical book:

the cruel prince holly black

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Review: Neverworld Wake, by Marisha Pessl

neverworld wake marisha pessl

Rating: ★★★★★

Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult, Mystery

Goodreads  / Amazon

I am not sure even how to start this review: how do I write about this book without just yelling to you all to just read it because it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year and I can’t get it out of my mind?

Neverworld Wake tells the story of five teenagers. Beatrice hasn’t seen her friends since the mysterious death of her boyfriend Jim a year before. They decide to see each other and go for a concert, and Beatrice hopes she can get answers out of them: they are all hiding secrets and know more about Jim than they tell. It all goes terribly wrong when they drive back and get into an accident – and enter the Neverworld Wake. A man knocks on the door, explaining they are all hanging between death and life, and must choose only one to survive. Continue reading