Series Review: Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan

18158562Crazy Rich Asians

Rating: ★★★★☆

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This first book centers on Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese Economics Professor from . Her boyfriend Nick takes her to Singapore to meet his family, and Rachel is shocked to realize he is ultra-mega rich and sole heir to a huge fortune. As the girlfriend of the most eligible bachelor in Singapore, Rachel is immediately envied and hated.

Crazy Rich Asians was quite fun! Although too full of descriptions (the entire trilogy is like that), I still found it very pleasant to listen to! I loved Rachel’s sweet and practical personality and, though Nick was so obtuse at times, he was also very sweet. I loved Astrid, Nick’s fabulous cousin, and the hilarious/annoying gossiping. There’s a lot of name-dropping about brands, which I found amusing.

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china rich girlfriend kevin kwan

China Rich Girlfriend

Rating: ★★★★☆

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This second book centers a bit more around Kitty Pong, the actress who has married into the high society and ultra rich of Singapore – but her husband is never in public and she has trouble fitting in. I really enjoyed these parts about her, she’s such a fun and interesting character!

Astrid’s marriage is on the rocks, as Michael changes to worse and worse since he became a billionaire. At the same time, her friendship with Charlie starts to develop into romance, but both of them are married and they know it can’t happen.

It also centers around Rachel and the family of her father. She looks forward to having a father and a brother in her life, but her father’s wife is determined not to allow that and have this bastard girl share the fortune that is the heritage her son will receive one day. As per the last book, Rachel is thrown into the crazy world of the ultra-rich, befriending the It Girl Colette, her brother’s friend.

I think I liked this one even more than the first!

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rich people problems kevin kwan

Rich People Problems

Rating: ★★★★☆

Goodreads / Amazon

The final book of the series centers on Nick’s relationship with his grandmother as she is sick in bed. Rachel doesn’t quite feature a lot on this one (thankfully, she had enough trouble on the last books!).

It also centers on the rivalry between Colette, Jack Bing’s daughter and Kitty Pong, the new wife of Jack Bing. The book was very entertaining and the ending was SO satisfying!!

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