Weird Book Trends

Hi Bookworms!

Today I’m listing some of the book trends I’ve been noticing lately that I think are a bit weird – which of course doesn’t mean they are bad at all, and I like a lot of those. But they’re weird.

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Octopi Everywhere


Steamy Fish Romance

 The Shape of Water by [del Toro, Guillermo, Kraus, Daniel]

Alliterations on Romance Novels Titles


Darker Magical Realism/Fantasy Books Using The Word “Strange” on Their Title

the strange and beautiful sorrows of ava lavender All Things Bright and Strange James Markert 18112933

Ravens… So Many Ravens

29845906 17675462 30969741

Sexy Fae Romance

30969741 A Court of Thorns and Roses Sarah J Maas 6283272

Half Faces

 2802316 Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by [Graham, Lauren]

Victorian People Silhouettes

32144770 13330943A Perilous Undertaking (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery) by [Raybourn, Deanna]

Cover Details Overload

23719270 The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry 34275232

So Many Mermaids and Sirens

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock: A Novel by [Gowar, Imogen Hermes]  Sea Witch by [Henning, Sarah]

Books Through the POV of Stalkers

I Am Watching You You (You, #1) Watch Me


Cool Links I Found While Researching:

Brilliantly bookish – YA book cover trends

Wise Ink – Weird and Wonderful 2014-2015 Book Cover Trends




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