10 Series I’m Not Going To Finish

Hello readers!

I read a LOT of series, and there are so, so many to finish. I normally like to follow series to the end, even if I don’t love them, but it’s become quite overwhelming to do that lately, plus I don’t see the point anymore of spending money and time on book series I don’t really want to read anymore.

So here are some of the series I’m not going to finish, for one reason or another!

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A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L'Engle The Impostor Queen Sarah Fine 16101128

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Well, this series was really not for me. It’s probably because I’m a boring adult and don’t have a child’s appreciation for whimsical tales, but I didn’t like the book and have no wish to read the others.

The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine

I absolutely LOVED this book! But then… book 2 is about a whole other character who is connected to book 1’s story, and THEN on book 3 they meet and I read that both books aren’t nearly as good as the first. So I’m quite happy with the ending of book 1 and don’t want to read any others.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I liked this book. That is… all. I didn’t find it particularly original, and have no curiosity as to what happens on the next books.

Thee Dark Crowns Kendare Blake  The Butterfly Garden Flame in the Mist

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
I read book 2! So I really tried with this series – but it’s really not for me. I really wanted to love it, but I just couldn’t. Enough trying, I’m leaving this series unfinished, with no regrets.

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison
I actually don’t know if I’ll really give up on this one, but I think so. The next books have nothing to do really with The Butterfly Garden, but I might read them next time I get Kindle Unlimited… it’s just that I have recently read so many thrillers and there’s quite a few still to read, that I don’t see myself coming back to this series. Book 1 was amazing, though!!

Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh
I actually loved this book a lot back when I read it last year. But I’ve also read lots and lots of YA, specially fantasy, and thus I’m not so interested in this series as I was… I remember the ending was really, really good, so maybe if the next books get good reviews I’ll reconsider.

1254150 15507958 The New Dark Lorraine Thomson

Kingsbridge by Ken Follet
This brick of a book was awesome! But Ken Follet’s books are all heavy historical epics with similar characters and I don’t think I’ll ever be on the mood to read another book like that. I could simply re-read The Pillars of the Earth if I want to.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I didn’t love this book nearly as much as other people did. So… no interest on the sequels.

The New Dark by Lorraine Thomson
I disliked this book so much! Not reading the sequels, although I might still read future books by this author.

Illuminae The Illuminae Files 01 Amie Kaufman Jay Kristoff

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
It was such a fun read! But it didn’t wow me… I thought it was fun, but not particularly special. And I truly have no curiosity for the books 2 and 3.

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What series do you think you’ll never finish?


Have you finished any of those series I listed? Were the sequels better?


29 thoughts on “10 Series I’m Not Going To Finish

  1. I loved reading Me Before You but I feel like by the end of it, that was basically the end and nothing more really needs to be said. So I think if I was to read a sequel it just would make me think less of the first despite having enjoyed it .

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  2. I feel exactly the same about the 5th Wave! I liked it enough but have never had any interest in reading the other books! I don’t think i’ll ever finish the legend series by marie lu or the shatter me series either, plus i stopped reading the lunar chronicles after scarlet and so far i haven’t had any motivation to pick it back up so i feel like that might be another series i never finish! Great post! 😊

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  3. I have to agree with The Illuminae trilogy. I thought it would be so much better but was kinda left disappointed at the end of it. As for Ken Follett, I love reading his historical fiction but I don’t tend to read books that are that long anymore. I tend to loose interest at the moment.


  4. I did finish the Kingsbridge series, but I don’t think I’ll have enough motivation to read the Illuminae Files… it was fun while I was reading it, I had never read anything like that before… but it is also truth that it worn my brain out! lol

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  5. I have had my struggles with Ken Follett’s historical epics (both Kingsbridge and Century) and yet I read all of them. By now, I have accepted them for what they are and don’t hate myself anymore for picking another one up. Heck, I’m even looking forward to the likely sequel to A Column of Fire. Call me crazy.

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  6. I read the 2nd book in the 5th Wave series, and that’s what convinced me that I really didn’t need to continue. I liked the 1st book, but that would have been a better stopping place for me, rather than continuing on to something that was mediocre. I’ve read the follow-ups to Me Before You, and like them both very much!

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  7. I couldn’t stand A Wrinkle in Time as a child and I can’t stand it now. I think I read one of the sequels years ago and also didn’t like it, so I’m just giving up on that series. No point in reading something I don’t enjoy!

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  8. Completely agree with A Wrinkle in Time – guess we’re simply too “old” for those books now. I just read it and got it over with, no interest in reading the sequels whatsoever.

    As for Flame in the Mist.. I liked it waaay too much not to pick up the sequel! I already have a copy, now to actually read it, haha.
    I read the sequel to Me Before You and have the third book on my shelves as well. Haven’t read it yet, but I do plan on reading it. I don’t know.. After the way MBY ended, I was simply too curious to see where the story would go next and the curiosity is still there. 🙂

    Finished The Illuminae Files and love those books. Probably because they’re some of the first scifi’s I read and actually enjoyed, haha.

    As for a series I’m not going to continue.. Before She Ignites is the first one to pop up. Really didn’t like that one. And I’m currently struggling through the second novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. I want to read them but I’m getting ridiculously bored so.. maybe I’ll skip on the third book. We’ll see.

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    • Let me know what you think of the Flame in the Mist sequel!! Maybe if it’s good I’ll pick it up 😀

      I love sci fi, so maybe that’s why I had different expectations for Illuminae…

      Ohhh I am curious about Before She Ignites! I hear either “I loved this book” or “it was so slow and disappointing”, what did you think?

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      • Will do!

        Hm, that definitely could be it.

        I was.. disappointed, hah. I loved how there was anxiety/OCD-rep in a fantasy and the descriptive writing was to my liking as well but.. the MC wasn’t my cup of tea. I think I would’ve liked it more should there’ve been multiple POV’s? And definitely a slow pace, in my opinion!

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  9. This is a great list! I have read the first two books in the 5th Wave series and, if I enjoyed the first one, the second one wasn’t just that good for me and it’s been too long now, I don’t think I’ll ever read the last one 😅 I didn’t know until recently that Me Before You had a sequel, but… i don’t think sequels were necessary for it? So I’m probably not going to give it a try either 🙂

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  10. I totally agree about Three Dark Crowns, this Series isn’t going into the direction I want it to, so I have kind of given up on it now 😦 Same problem with The Imposter Queen, I don’t like it at all when the second book is about a completely different character that we haven’t even meet yet :/

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