Review: Pestilence, by Laura Thalassa

pestilence laura thalassa

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Romance

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The Four Horsemen will destroy humanity. After five years since they last came, the world has been in a post-apocalyptic state: there is barely any electricity, cars stopped in the middle of the road, planes fell down. Now, one of the Horsemen returns with plans to finish what was started: Pestilence. Bringing death in the form of a plague, he’s as cold as he is painfully beautiful. But Sara Burns won’t let him destroy humanity without a fight – and shoots him dead. Except, he cannot die, and now she is his prisoner.

This was totally a cover-buy: this design is excellent and what sexy dark fantasy dreams are made of, but I have such mixed feelings about this book. I almost DNF-ed so many times, but I was always curious: was Sara going to choose mankind or Pestilence? I just couldn’t get over the fact that his “name” is Pestilence. Like… very unsexy. Also he is outright abusive towards her and, while I don’t think he meant to hurt her THAT much, the fact is that he did and he didn’t even regret it, and he outright tortured Sara for a long time. Also the whole “Please” thing god old pretty quickly.

Also, Sara healed from things so FAST? At some point she mentions that she was kidnapped by him a week ago or so, and since then she was SHOT WITH ARROWS and had her shoulder dislocated and her wrists bound RAW, but she can still hop around and be heroic and fight.

While I appreciated the depth that Thalassa gave to her characters and allowed them to change and grow, I was still unbelieving that Pestilence could have really changed that much. He is deeply toxic and infantile, and I am sure Sara was only infatuated by him because, as she keeps saying, he is freakishly hot. If Pestilence looked like a Horseman of the Apocalypse bringing plague upon the world should look like in my opinion (all warts and evil laugh and possibly grimy, black, lidless eyes), this book would have ended by chapter 2 (also nobody would read it).

But… I could NOT put it down. It was so damn addictive. It started with me wanting to see how Thalassa would solve the issue about, you know, the death of all mankind vs. God’s will vs. the Horseman’s will vs. Sara being in love with the Horseman vs. Sara wanting her kind to survive. It was such a mess and it kept me hooked, even when he was being outright cruel to her all the while being a bit in love with her, and she with him.

It was such a funny book, and it gets SO GOOD after… 60% of it or so. And sexy, so sexy. But so very problematic. Like 50 Shades of Grey meets Biblical Apocalypse and it all gets weird. Very confusing. So I’m giving 2 stars although I thoroughly enjoyed many parts of the book. I just can’t ignore how problematic it was, or how this book provided the most unlikely scenario I’ve read all my life: Sara going to bed with Pestilence and moaning his name… yes, moaning “Pestilence”. That just. I can’t.

8 thoughts on “Review: Pestilence, by Laura Thalassa

  1. Ugh this book. I read it because of the cover and the whole Four Horseman aspect and was appalled that it glorified abusive relationships. She has fucking Stockholm Syndrome and while there was growth just. Ugh. UGH. It is a fast read and interesting other than the abuse, which left me very confused and uncomfortable lmao. Great review!


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