The Sunday Snuggle Week 39 2018


Hello readers!

This week has been quite something, and I didn’t have too much time for reading. Which is okay! I want to get through the books I own, but I have to balance work, my social life, going to the gym, chores etc… so I’m okay with reading less. One or two books per week is still a LOT of reading. (And by that I mean books I finished, since I read a lot of books at the same time, my list of books read this week is still long!)

From Netgalley I was approved for:

the bird king g willow wilson white stag kara barbieri

Can you tell I was in a literary fantasy mood?

Tomorrow starts OWNtober and I still got to finish 2 books before I can get to my OWNtober TBR… please send help.

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Bookish Videos

I didn’t watch videos this week.

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My Readings This Week

before the devil breaks you libba bray

I made progress on Before the Devil Breaks You! I love this book and I’m so glad it’s enormous (21h on audiobook) so I can savor it slowly.

educated tara westover

I finished Educated! This is one of my favorite non-fiction books now. The author’s writing is brilliant – simple and yet elegant, gripping, and her memoirs tell such a unique story. It’s not easy to read, and I made the mistake of having breakfast while reading this, and I stopped halfway, because it simply took my appetite away. It can be a difficult read, but so worthwhile. It’s beautiful, raw, unique. 5 stars!

how to be a woman caitlin moran

I also finished How to Be a Woman, and I’m not enamored by the book. I’d heard amazing things and also awful things about it, but I wanted to form my own opinion on it, and now I have. I’m glad I read this, and it was quite entertaining, but I’m not going to recommend it as a feminist read anytime soon – there are many others I prefer!

school for psychics k c archer

I started School for Psychics, which is an adult school-setting story about those people with psychic abilities learning to control them. I am torn between enjoying this and not – it’s just so cliché. There’s the main character who, of course, despite being in a school for “”freaks”” is the FREAKEST OF THEM ALL and therefore rejected by them. Etc etc etc. Also there’s so much flirting going on. I swear the MC has like 4 “love” interests and it’s confusing. If this goes in the direction of adventure, mystery etc, I think it will be brilliant. But, if it continues being school-stereotypes-romance, then no, thanks.

the realm of the gods tamora pierce

I also started The Realm of the Gods, book 4 of Wild Magic. This is super cute and a classic YA high fantasy story. I’m enjoying this comfortable, cozy story so far! Although I think I enjoy it less than the last time I read the books of this series… it just seems so glaring now that there is quite a lot of casual racism going on. As a lot of classic fantasy books do. Ugh that sucks, because Tamora Pierce was one of the first authors I read with girls as main characters in a fantasy story that I actually liked (Alanna!!!), so it breaks my heart a bit.

This week I DNF-ed:

blood and sand c v wyk

I was already halfway through, but really, I do not care for the main characters, and lost interest on the story. A pity, but it’s okay.

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 How was your week? What did you read? Did you read any cool bookish news?

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 39 2018

  1. I can totally relate, had to cut back on my reading too because of work, studying, and just life in general. I’m now down to 2 books a week, 3 if I have time. Will definitely check out some of the books on your list😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • 2-3 books a week is an awesome feat!! It’s so easy for me to get so involved in book blogging that I forget “normal” people hardly read more than 5 books a year. So funny.


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