The Sunday Snuggle Week 40 2018


Hello readers!

This week has been quite something, the weather changed so many times I started getting a sore throat by Thursday… now it’s Sunday and I don’t have much of a voice left. But that’s okay – at least we got a warmer weekend, which was quite nice. I could enjoy a bit of sunlight and warmth before Fall starts turning really cold.

In case you didn’t know, this week started OWNtober! I will be tweeting about the books I read with the hashtag #OWNtober and on the thread below:

Books I got on Audible:

an unkindness of ghosts rivers solomon a discovery of witches deborah harkness

I know I wasn’t exactly supposed to get new books… but they are audiobooks, which I read about one or two per week, so it would be quite missing from my daily routine without one… or two.

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Interesting Reads Around the Web

Inkish Kingdoms – Make the best out of your Kindle! Less than $3


Two Book Thieves – Recommendations: Autumnal Spooky Reads

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Bookish Videos

I didn’t watch any videos this week.

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My Readings This Week

school for psychics k c archer

I gave up reading School for Psychics. I’ve discussed this on the review I wrote in Goodreads, and also on the last Sunday Snuggle, but I was quite disappointed by how clichéd this story was, especially regarding the characters.

the realm of the gods tamora pierce

I finished The Realm of the Gods! I started this series maybe 5-6 years ago and somehow totally missed the last book. So now I finally get some closure! This is a very sweet, cozy fantasy series, and the main character is so strong and yet sweet-tempered. I hated that this book had a romance between Numair and Daine, though! She is 16 and he’s 30. Ew. Apart from that, the story was interesting and I loved that there were dragons!! 3 stars.

The Woman in White Wilkie Collins

I started The Woman in White as an audiobook, because I thought it would add to the atmosphere of the book. And it totally did – the different narrators have such strong personalities and quirks, it was so great. The plot itself is so thick and full of mystery, tension and all-too-real threats that kept me on my toes basically the entire book – which is 28 hours long, so that’s a great story if it can keep you turning pages for such a long time! Really amazing book. 4 stars!Blog Divider

 How was your week? What did you read? Did you read any cool bookish news?

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 40 2018

  1. awww thank you! I am so happy that you found the post interesting! there are a few books that I want crazy about haha I know that A Discovery of Witches is really good! So I hope the narrator makes justice to the book XD

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