Bookstores Around the World: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello book lovers!

This is a new series on my blog that I decided to start because it might help people who, like me, enjoy travelling and taking a few hours in your trip to escape into a bookstore. I love seeing how unique bookstores can be, there are so many beautiful, quirky ones that make book shopping such a fun experience! Really, I can enjoy myself at any bookstore, but it’s a lot more interesting in a place that is cute, or weird, or has amazing coffee (I love those).

So here I will talk about bookstores I visit when I travel! Of course I can’t visit ALL cool bookstores when I’m abroad, and as I said I have other priorities when travelling, but I do always make an effort to go to one or two, and I thought it’d be nice to share them here. As I am constantly looking for recommendations of bookstores to go to, I think it’s nice to have this series where people can go to and get a few inspirations for places to travel to AND with cool bookstores.

So first we start with Edinburgh, Scotland!

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This is a regular chain bookstore, so no big quirks there, but I do love the look of this bookstore! It just looks so… British?


There is a small store with bookish things like games, toys, mugs etc, in which I was lost for a significant amount of time. Only a boatload of willpower stopped me from buying it all. As I read mostly in English (and in Portuguese, if I can get my hands on books in Pt!), this was a piece of paradise and I was lost in there for a solid hour (that’s me doing a quick trip to the bookstore, in case you’re wondering). They had a nice YA section, but not all that large. I wanted to pick up lots of fantasy books, but their fantasy section underwhelmed me a bit, and I ended up focusing more on the YA fantasy instead of adult. All in all, a regular chain bookstore that looks cute inside and has a nice store with bookish stuff!!


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Armchair Books


Next there was this second-hand bookstore called Armchair, which is such a cool place! Books from floor to ceiling! Books everywhere! Wow, lots of exclamation points.


I wanted to get fantasy and sci-fi books, but I ended up a bit underwhelmed by their section on those genres, especially because they had maybe 4 editions of the second book of Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, but NONE of the first book! I was searching for a solid twenty minutes. I did get a gorgeous illustrated Lord of the Rings edition from early 1990s, so that soothed my soul a bit. I was tempted to buy The Hobbit (version below), but I already own one version and I am not a person to own several editions of a book, no matter how much I love it. But it’s so gorgeous, right?


This bookstore is great if you’re looking for history books, classics and such, not so much for YA, for example.They have SO MANY Shakespeare volumes, one collection in particular was as tall as my arm. Really! It was such a great time just looking at the beautiful vintage books. It made me wish that I had more space in my luggage. My dad is a history nerd and he was IN LOVE with this store!


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That is all for today! I know it’s not a lot, but that’s all I had time to see. Have you visited or do you live in Edinburgh? What are your favorite bookstores?

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