The Sunday Snuggle Week 42 2018


Hello readers!

The picture above is me listening to An Unkindness of Ghosts while spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in this puzzle. I swear it took me days. In my defense, I was a bit slow from my illness and medication. But still. At least I got to listen to a few hours of this book!

I finally got better from my infection, so I’m back to work. I did use my time to read more this week, though, and I’m quite happy with that, because being sick is incredibly boring. I’ve also used the time to clean up my TBR. Let’s say I’m too generous with the concept for “being interested in a book” and I don’t actually want to read a lot of the stuff I have there. So, for the first time since I don’t know when, I have fewer than 200 books on my TBR! My objective is to eventually not even need a secondary TBR and have one list only of the books I want to read. Do you guys also have a secondary TBR??

On Kindle I got:

academic curveball james j cudney

I know I’m supposed to be on a book ban, but it’s James’ book and it’s a cozy mystery and I’m not even sorry.

As a physical book, I got:

sourdough robin sloan

I knoww… but it’s such a short book, and it sounds so interesting!

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My Readings This Week

an unkindness of ghosts rivers solomon

I started An Unkindness of Ghosts as an audiobook! This is such an interesting sci-fi story! I didn’t make much progress because I was not so much in the mood for audiobooks, but I look forward to reading more! This is so atmospheric and unique, I’m really enjoying.

these violent delights victoria namkung

In a valiant attempt to raise my Netgalley ratio and also shrink my owned TBR, I picked up These Violent Delights. This was not as gripping a read as I hoped for, so I gave it 3 stars.

o demonologista andrew pyper

I also read O Demonologista (The Demonologist), since I was feeling like reading in Portuguese a bit for a change. It’s always weird to read translated things because I can see how those sentences would sound in English, in this case, but in Portuguese they sound strange. I enjoyed the read, it was quite creepy! Anyone else can’t really read stories about demons at night?? Omg. Also 3 stars!

white stag kara barbieri

I then picked up White Stag, which is an eARC that comes out January 2019 and it’s a YA story about goblins!! I was getting Wintersong vibes from this book, but really, it’s so different! Which is probably why I got a bit disappointed, as I couldn’t help but expect it to be atmospheric, strange, magical, eerie and fairy-tale-like, but got a YA adventure/romance instead. It’s quite interesting and the main character is really cool! I didn’t buy into the romance though, and the pacing bothered me. But the plot is great. 3 stars!

a touch of crimson sylvia day

Then I came back from my illness and felt like something a bit lighter to read after work, so I picked up A Touch of Crimson, which reads so fast! It isn’t quite as good as other ~steamy reads I’ve read before and  I ended up giving it 2 stars.

This week I DNF-ed:

the unfleshed lisa vasquez what hides within jason parent 31019831

I don’t know WHY but I didn’t realize The Unfleshed was a slasher-horror type. And that’s not my thing… so I DNF-ed it. If you like Saw and Frankenstein and generally any slasher movies, I guess you’d like this one! But it’s not for me. Also What Hides Within was not the kind of horror I like to read. I also didn’t care for Beast. There is a very awful scene right at the beginning of the book describing a rape that, honestly, I didn’t want to read and put me off completely. So this was the week where I found out I don’t really do well with choosing my Netgalley books.

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 How was your week? What did you read? Did you read any cool bookish news?

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 42 2018

  1. Aah, I’m so sorry about Beast! That scene definitely wasn’t.. ugh.. can’t even find the word right now. The set-up of the story itself was unique enough though but it took me a while to get that rape scene out of my head. :’)

    Also yay on the puzzle! My boyfriend and I attempted a puzzle at the start of the year and I ended up putting the unfinished thing back in the box. With the move coming up, there’s no chance it’ll be finished in time anyway, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh, interesting! I saw White Stag and haven’t picked it up, but I was getting Wintersong vibes from it and it’s good to know that I should change my expectations! And ack, romance, spoiling books once again.

    but ahhh thank you for linking up my post! so glad you enjoyed my Asian book recs!


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