Unhaul: Books I’m Giving to my Local Library

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Hello Book lovers!

As some of you know, I’m not a person who likes to keep all my books. In fact, I have two rules when it comes to books I will keep in my bookshelf:

  1. Did I not only like, but REALLY like this book?
  2. Will I realistically re-read this book within the next few years?

If any of those questions get a NO from me, it’s going out. Since about half of what I read is on Kindle, my bookshelf doesn’t actually represent all the stuff I read. And YET, there’s so many books in it already! We’re not lacking space but I want to prevent hoarding books, so better start now than when I have no space whatsoever.

Also, I like the idea of someone else discovering the book I read and loving it. I live in Germany at the moment, and there are quite a few immigrants in the city, but not as many options for English books as I’d like, especially in the YA section. I found life-changing books in the library when I was a teen, and some of those brought me so much consolation and made me feel understood – books I’d never have picked up otherwise. And in such an important and formative part of my life.

So I believe it’s REALLY important to have a good YA section!

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Wow, that was a long introduction. Here are the books I’m giving away:


  • Aventurine: Das Mädchen mit dem Drachen, by Stephanie Burgis
  • A Touch of Crimson, by Sylvia Day
  • How to be a woman, by Caitlin Moran
  • Lab Girl: A story of trees, science and love, by Hope Jahren
  • The 9th Life of Louis Drax, by Liz Jensen
  • The Italian Teacher, by Tom Rachman
  • The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory
  • Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
  • The Lonely Hearts Hotel, by Heather O’Neill




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