Review: Jade City, by Fonda Lee

jade city fonda lee

Rating: ★★★★★

Genres: Fantasy, Urban

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This book is one of the best fantasy worlds I’ve read in a long time, and I am in awe. Jade City is a story about two clans, No Peak and Mountain, who have soaring tensions growing between them as the leader of the Mountain clan’s ambition and strength threatens the Kaul family, leaders of No Peak for more than two decades. It’s set in the fictional Kekon, a vibrant city of contradictions, full of promise, opportunity, tradition, superstition and, most importantly, jade. From the jade, Green Bones get powers that make them impossibly superhuman abilities. Amidst the threat of clan wars and foreign interest in Kekon’s jade for military purposes, the Kaul family must learn to stay together and survive, if they can.

I am deeply impressed by the author’s ability to bring Kekon to life, with a culture so rich and woven into the story beautifully, the isolation of the island from the rest of the world and now trying to find its place in international affairs without losing itself. The political complexity was never boring to read, and it got my heart racing – how could this family, already with broken trust and full of history and resentment, actually survive this war against such a powerful and merciless enemy? I loved the characters, the uniqueness of each and their motivations.

Jade City is not particularly fast-paced, especially with have a few different narrators, which always makes reading a bit slower. But it’s so worth it, and each characters brings something to the story. This is a book worth investing a bit of time into – it’s 500 pages long but once it was done I was thirsty for more.

This story is so strong and full of twists, blood, scheming and power. I was immersed in it from the beginning and very involved with all the characters, even the ones I didn’t like much. I cannot have enough of this world. This is a masterpiece.

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