Review: The Book of M, by Peng Shepherd

the book of M peng shepard

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Dystopia, Fantasy

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The Book of M is one of the most talked about books of this year! And still, I was not prepared for it – it was so much more than I expected! It’s a wonderful fantasy world with well-rounded, interesting characters and a thoughtful work about memories and love. Damn, this was such a good book.

The story begins with one boy in India finding out one day that he’s lost his shadow. At first this is seen with much interest from the public, until it becomes apparent that the boy is starting to forget things: at first a few words, and within a few days, his family. When more and more people throughout the world start losing their shadows, the epidemic of memory loss and despair drives the world into apocalypse.

There is magic in this story. I didn’t realize that at first, as the book starts hinting at it but not too explicit in the beginning, but my interest was definitely piqued by that! It is so unique for a post-apocalyptic story. I won’t go into it not to spoil anything, but this is something that definitely set this book apart from other post-apocalyptic dystopias and will stay in my mind for sure. I absolutely love the premise of this book, and how much it got me thinking about memories, love and courage. I loved the complex characters and their motivations, their struggles, their resilience. I loved the plot twists, so much! I honestly got emotional after finishing this book, which is so rare for me.

While there is always something happening in the story, the plot itself doesn’t move too fast, making it a lovely read for getting immersed into, instead of a thriller to read in one sitting. But don’t worry – you’ll definitely not feel like this was a 500-page read at all. I was intensely involved with the characters, curious about the world, and gasped loudly at the plot twists. Really, this book impressed me very much with how well-rounded it is!

I think this is a great book for anyone who’s transitioning into fantasy from reading mostly dystopia and thrillers. Or if you love a good post-apocalyptic story (say, Angelfall, The 5th Wave and so on) and want something unique!

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