My Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

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Hello bookworms!! Happy new year!!

This year my bookish resolutions are a bit different from last year, so I thought I would share with you guys!

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  1. I want to read less than I did in 2017. I want to read only what interests me, and not the books I feel I have to read for the hype, for blogging about it, for saying I’ve read it… I want to be 100% excited about every book I pick up!
  2. For the reason above, I want to request fewer eARCs
  3. I want to listen to more bookish podcasts!
  4. I want to read a lot more nonfiction, especially memoirs
  5. I want to get my TBR under 100 books, to encourage me to read more spontaneously, instead of feeling like I have to read certain books

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16 thoughts on “My Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your goals! Reading fewer books than I read in 2018 is one of my goals too! Well, a secret goal, I didn’t actually include that in my post… but I’m definitely going to make a concerted effort to this to be a year of quality and not quantity.

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  2. YES I’M NOT THE ONLY PERSON THAT WANTS TO READ LESS!!! I 100% relate to reading just for the hype. Good luck with all your goals in the new year!

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  3. I want to read less books for the hype too. I find that I never have a good time when I read something I’m not interested in, but feel like I need to read it to be part of the community. Also, I have a ton of books that keep getting put on the back burner because they aren’t “popular” and I want to start giving them attention!

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