YA Fantasy Books That Used to Be Popular But I Never Heard Of Again

Hello book lovers!

If you’re not a teen anymore, you probably look at these new shiny YA books and think – wow, how different the trends are from my teen years. I do, at least! Here are some of the books I heard LOTS about on my teen years until about 21 and don’t hear Anything about anymore!

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The Girl with Glass Feet, by Ali Shaw

I remember hearing a lot about this book a few years ago, it was actually the first book to make it to my Amazon wishlist, but I never ended up buying it. Then I never ever heard of it again, plus it was a 3.41 rating on Goodreads, so I don’t think I’ll read it. Have you guys read it??


Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke

This book had its moment briefly when the movie came out. I remember being so excited back then, because I LOVE this series (especially book 1), but the movie was a fluke. Maybe because it’s translated from German, this didn’t get as much hype as books from English-speaking authors. What do you think?


Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

I think this has a movie? I’m not entirely sure, but I remember that maybe some 6 years ago (or more?) this was WILDY popular as this dark, romantic fantasy book. I don’t actually know the plot, but I was never interested in it despite (or because of?) the hype.


Matched, by Ally Condie

I actually read the entire series. I loved it, but I really don’t recommend it nowadays: I was new to YA dystopia/fantasy and didn’t know better. By the time I read the last book of the series, it almost felt like a chore just to finish it, although I had loved the first one when I read it years ago.


Eragon, by Christopher Paolini

If you are over 25, it’s VERY likely that you read at least the first book of Eragon. I remember being so shocked that the author started writing this at age 15! I actually have the last book on my TBR for years now and I do intend to finish the series (I vaguely remember where the last book stopped), but nowadays I’m not sure I’d love it so much anymore… I remember the writing being rather immature for me (as a debut by a 15-year-old is expected to be).


Delirium, by Lauren Oliver

I actually heard more about this book online, and never knew people who actually read it. Probably why I never picked it up – also back then I was basically allergic to covers with faces on it, so I was naturally not drawn to it. Did you read it? Is it good?


Evermore, by Alyson Nöel

I remember this being marketed as a Twilight-like book and it was enough to keep me far away from it – I’d read the entire Twilight saga but found it deeply problematic and didn’t feel like adding more problematic fictional relationships in my life.


Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick

I remember this one being marketed as Twilight but darker and sexy. For the reasons of the book above, I also passed far away from it. Did you read it??

kissed by an angel elizabeth chandler

Kissed by an Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler

I actually read this book, but it was so underwhelming. It was back when everything dark, paranormal and romantic was trendy.


35 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Books That Used to Be Popular But I Never Heard Of Again

  1. I read Eragon recently and probably would have enjoyed it more if I’d read it when it was all the rage. It’s just the type of series young me would have enjoyed but old me is just like…meh.
    I remember it being such a coup though because the author was like in high school or something? when it published???

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  2. I still want to read Eragon. I loved Beautiful Creatures but I am wondering if the movies ruined the books for future readers. I enjoyed the Eragon movie but heard readers hated it, and the Beautiful Creatures movie was so poorly done in comparison to the series.

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  3. I’d thought Allie Condie just disappeared, but every once in awhile I see something about a new project. She got really hyped for Matched, and now it’s like they’ve given up on publicity for her. Though I do new her new books are with a different, smaller publisher.


  4. Such an interesting post! I don’t know why inkheart fell out of popularity, but it’s definitely less well known than it used to be- which is such a shame, cos I think it’s awesome! Yeah I was never interested in beautiful creatures despite the hype. And yeah, I read hush hush- and I can safely say I know why that’s less popular now 😉 Awesome list!


  5. Haha, THESE BOOKS. Great post! It was so fun revisiting things that were popular before. What ever did happen with Beautiful Creatures? There was definitely a movie, but after that it sort of dropped off the face of the planet. I would add Fallen by Lauren Kate to this list. I was obsessed with the cover but never bothered to read it in the paranormal romance phase.


    • Ohh what age do you teach? And what do they read? So interesting, I hardly ever talk to young people anymore, so I have no idea what YA books they’re reading 🙂


  6. So fun, the nostalgia! I still hear about Inkheart, it’s been a while since I read it but it seems like it’s gone from ya to being read by more middle graders (also I live in norway, so some different books are still popular here). Definitely agree with the others

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  7. Ack! I love this post! YA books are constantly cycling out … so from year to year books get forgotten.

    I’m still in the projected age range so I’m much more “in” with the current YA books, but I do recognize a few of these titles (Eragon, Matched, Inkheart, Delirium). I’m reading Inkheart right now because my little brother’s friend gave it to me to borrow and … ugh. It’s a little slow going. The writing is very young and such.

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    • I really like your comment – I’m 28, and I don’t know many teens, and I’m so glad to see a teen writing about teen books!

      Inkheart is definitely for a younger audience. I did love it back when I read it, though. I loved the world-building!

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