Books That I Didn’t Get What the Hype Was About

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I think we all got sold on a book or two (or twenty per week) because of the hype. If you’re part of the book blogging community, certainly your feed has been flooded with reviews, praise and glittery tears for certain books from time to time. You become so overwhelmingly curious that you must see what the fuss is about – and you read the book. This is how I met some of my favorite books ever, and also how I met the blandest, most disappointing reads.

This doesn’t mean the books are BAD or anything. They were just not for me. I read them and perhaps it was that I was not in the right mood, or the writing didn’t agree with me. Whatever the reason, they were not what I expected.

Here are some of the books I read because of the hype and they disappointed me one way or another.

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The Girl in the Train by Paula Hawkins

I guess by now you’re sick and tired of me saying how I was disappointed by this book, but I’ll say it another time. The main character was a big no for me, she was too slow to understand things right under her nose, and the plot felt weird, predictable and a bit simple. I just wanted more from this book.


An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

I made my thoughts clear on this post about how this book and I didn’t agree. This is supposed to be a literary fantasy YA fiction, a beautiful love story with gorgeous writing, with fae and paintings, and forests. But… the plot just didn’t convince me. I was not going to read this book at all, but then I saw it on Riveted for free and I started reading it. And… no. Just no. I was so bored within the first pages I just had to give up.


The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

This was another one that I gave up after just a few pages. I had heard many conflicting reviews on it, that the world building was weird, that it was fantastic, that it was confusing… so I started reading it, although my gut told me I wouldn’t like it. And it was just not for me – I didn’t like the writing at all, or the characters. Maybe I set myself up for failure, already thinking I’d dislike it… but now any interest I had on The Bone Season is gone and, with so many books on my TBR, it’s not likely I’ll try again.


Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

I had read about 50% of this book before I decided to give up. It was not a bad book at all – it was an interesting YA-style story based on a real person’s experiences with WWII and how he managed in the end to save many people from the Nazis. But I have read a few novels set in WWII by now and, except for the fact that this one’s main character comes from Italy, I didn’t find it very special. It wasn’t specially touching, and the dialogue was so unnatural. It just wasn’t for me – but I know a lot of people who loved this book so much.


The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I read this entire book, and I actually enjoyed it. It was full of adventure, there was always stuff going on, the alien invasion theme really interested me. But… it was not all that it was said to be. I expected a more compacted story, and I had no idea it was a series. I also expected a main character a bit smarter, more plot twists, more gore and less romance. The 5th Wave isn’t a bad book at all, but I was quite disappointed, considering all I had heard about it, and I won’t continue with the sequel.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This is THE book people think of when they realize I’m from Brazil. “oh Brazil!! I read The Alchemist!!!” and I nod and I smile, all the while cringing on the inside and dying just a little bit. I don’t really like this book, so full of bland characters and so empty of plot. I disliked the writing style. Really, there is not much praise I can give to this book at all.

Thee Dark Crowns Kendare Blake

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

The premise of this book is so cool. There is a character with my name, there are major events going on during my birthday, there is a dark fantasy world with Queens and battles to death. I thought I was going to love it so much! But this first book had way too much romance, not that much of a plot, the writing was too choppy for me, and I only really cared for one of the three main characters. BUT I persisted and read the second, which was so much better!!!, and then I gave up because even then the writing style was annoying me so much and I kept not caring much about the other characters.

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What books did you find were way overhyped?

21 thoughts on “Books That I Didn’t Get What the Hype Was About

  1. “The premise of this book is so cool. There is a character with my name, there are major events going on during my birthday, there is a dark fantasy world with Queens and battles to death. I thought I was going to love it so much!”

    I couldn’t help but laughing at this because I also get weirdly excited when things like that tie in to my life. Like OMG this character has my birthday! AWESOME!

    Hype and I don’t get along ever since I watched Napoleon Dynamite because everyone yelled at me and hated every single minute of it (and still want that time back). I generally avoid books if they are widely loved and hyped because I build up expectations in my head and… nothing can live up to them. I most recently was disappointed with Six of Crows and wound up DNFing it after two failed reading attempts. Not for me, and honestly having people come onto my review to tell me to give it another chance? I don’t have time for THAT, either.

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    • I love it when my birthday/name/etc come up in books!! It totally makes me wanna read the book more. I personally loved Six of Crows, but… it wasn’t ALL that people were making it out to be, I think. Did you read the other Grisha books? I’m reeeeally not in the mood for picking up that series…

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      • I can see why people love it, and the first chapter with Joost and his moustache I LOVED. but I swear it was like night and day once that chapter ended and I struggled to get into the story. I don’t think Bardugo’s writing is for me so I won’t read the other Grisha books.


  2. I so agree with you on The Girl on the Train! That book just exploded and suddenly everyone everywhere was reading it and I still fail to understand why. I liked The Alchemist but I don’t think that it’s one of Coelho’s best books though I can see why it’s his most famous one.

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    • I know, right?? I didn’t understand why everyone loved The Girl on the Train! Did you watch the movie??

      What other books by Paulo Coelho do you like better? I haven’t read anything else by him, because I was so disappointed in The Alchemist.


  3. I liked the first 20-30 pages of The Alchemist… and then it became a slog. For all its supposed magic, the book is so thoroughly conventional and predictable that it seems like it’s been automatically generated as an average of all books of its genre.

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  4. I was so hyped about Enchantment of Ravens and then when I read it I was like, “…that’s IT?!” I was so bored, I can’t believe I actually finished it. I have REGRETS.

    I agree about The Alchemist as well. DULL DULL DULL. I felt obligated to read it since its one of those books ~everyone has read~ but. I don’t GET IT.

    Carve The Mark was overhyped for me. I liked the Divergent series (even the ending, which is an unpopular opinion) but I was so disappointed by Carve The Mark, I DNF-ed it half way through.

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  5. I finally got around to reading The Darkest Minds last year. It is a book that has been hyped for years and years…and I just ended up thinking of it as just another dystopian in the massive swamp of dystopian. It was good but not blow-my-mind amazing or anything. And so many people still rave about it and so clearly love it. So I feel bad that I just thought it was okay for me.

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  6. I so agree about The Girl on the Train. I just wanted to knock her upside the head.

    The book I thought ]was overhyped was The Celestine Prophecy. That was THE book that everyone handed around with a faraway look of awe, the Jonathan Livingston Seagull (don’t ask) of the 90’s. Overhyped, facile, and poorly written.


  7. I though Girl on the Train was way overhyped. In particular, the ending was a huge letdown. I kept coming up with these crazy theories for what was going on in my head, so the actual explanation seemed way lamer by comparison.

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  8. Great post. I agree with some of your choices including “The Girl on the Train”. I myself find so many books over-hyped that people will be shocked if they found out – I wrote negative reviews on “Burial Rites”, “The Miniaturist”, “Washington Black” and “The Bedlam Stacks”, for example.


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