The Sunday Snuggle Week 8 2019


Hello readers!

This was not a very productive week reading-wise, because it’s been so hectic… I’ve been working on my health by going to the gym more often and also adjusting my sleeping schedule. I was not sleeping enough or well enough, and now I’m doing much better! But that leaves fewer late-night hours for reading. Also I arrive home late and tired and still got meal-prepping and so on to do, so I assume my blogging and reading will suffer a little (I’ve been considering going to 2 posts per week, but we will see!), and that is that. I have no regrets. My life is slowly getting in the shape I want it to be. In any case, I still got quite some reading done!

From Netgalley, I got:

43346042 suddenly single carol wyer

I love the cover of How To and it actually sounds really cool! I also craved a bit of something quick and sweet, and Suddenly Single sounded perfect, so I was glad to be approved for it!

On Audible I got:

the water cure sophia mackintosh

I wanted to start this in March only, but that is a whole week away and I simply cannot survive without an audiobook. Do you guys also play audiobooks while doing random things, like working out, going to the supermarket, checking through posts?

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pace, amore, libri – book review: Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Vox – The Alice Walker anti-Semitism controversy, explained


Kristin Kraves Book s – Review- The Water Cure

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Bookish Videos

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My Readings This Last Week

the gilded wolves roshani chokshi

I finished The Gilded Wolves! Took me a while, but the book grew on me. I think the audiobook format detracted a bit from my enjoyment of it, but it was a pretty solid read and I see why lots of people are loving it! 3 stars.

the wife between us greer hendricks sarah pekkanen

I finished The Wife Between Us, which absolutely STRESSED ME OUT. If you want to be open-mouthed and in shock at the twists, pick this up! It is a great thriller, so full of twists you will NOT see coming. The audiobook was pretty good, too. 4 stars!

provenance ann leckie

I continued a bit with Provenance – it hasn’t picked up pace yet, but I’m still in the very beginning, and I’m entertained and curious to see where this goes!

everything under daisy johnson

I picked up Everything Under, which has been on my radar for months, PLUS I am absolutely in love with this cover. I love a good magical realism book, a good literary fiction, I love the way she writes, so I’m having a wonderful time with this book so far! A little gem of atmospheric, poetic prose with a story that sucks you right in.

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How was your week? What did you read?

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 8 2019

  1. Yay for you getting more sleep, honestly that makes so much of a difference! Hopefully as you adjust to your new sleeping schedule you will be able to get some more reading in! I have heard similar things about the audiobook of TGW, sorry it didn’t work so much for you but I am glad it grew on you.

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