The Sunday Snuggle Week 9 2019


Hello readers!

How is it March already? Gosh, 2019 is going by too fast. As per last week, this was also not veery productive reading-wise but I’m glad with the results anyway. I’ve read so much this year I have reviews ready for the next month already, so I’ll be picking up thicker books and more backlist books from now on! Quite excited for that.

I bought the books below this week:

the priory of he orange tree samantha shannon tangerine christine mangan unmarriageable soniah kamal

I’m giving Tangerine a second chance! I was really enjoying this book a year ago or so via Scribd on audiobook, but I was distracted all the time (and sick, so the medication made me very sleepy and unconcentrated) and I gave up reading this because my brain was not keeping up. But a historical novel with glamour and summer and mystery and hints of psychological thriller is exactly what I love to read, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this.

On Audible, I got:

an anonymous girl greer hendricks sarah pekkans

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My Readings This Last Week

provenance ann leckie

I didn’t pick up Provenance this week… will do so somewhen next week, I just didn’t really feel like it.

everything under daisy johnson

I finished Everything Under! I’m in love with this book. It’s a great magical realism, beautifully written, a book that you experience as you read it – you can almost feel the river nearby, hear its sounds, get unnerved by it. 5 stars to this beauty.

the water cure sophia mackintosh

I read The Water Cure this week and was not very impressed by it. I have a review coming up, but in short, the writing was great, the characters were all the same though and the plot was predictable. The ending was excellent, though, so I gave it 3 stars!

suddenly single carol wyer

I picked up this week Suddenly Single because I was feeling like a low-stakes sweet romance. I was drawn to this cover because there is a left-handed person (intentionally or not) and I also love stories where the MC is a writer. BUT I ended up DNF-ing it because the writing was so slow and not captivating enough for me, so slowly I lost interest in the story.

transcription kate atkinson

I picked up Transcription after DNF-ing the book above, and wow, what a great decision. I was a bit demotivated for reading this week because after Everything Under the books I got were so meeeeh… but this one is so great, so far! It’s a WWII story and the main character reminds me a lot of the MC in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I LOVED. I think this book is going in a darker direction later on (I’m 100 pages in), so we will see! But so far, it’s a great one and I am hooked!

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How was your week? What did you read?

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 9 2019

    • Most of them are from Agatha Christie where the plot twist is that the killer was left-handed! Hahaha

      Jk. But I’m left-handed, so I always take notice 🙂


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