The Sunday Snuggle Week 10 2019



Hello readers!

I am editing the format of the Sunday Snuggle a little. Since I am reading less and spending less time blogging, I often haven’t shared many links or videos, so I’m going to cut those sections out and perhaps mention a couple links in this introduction part.

If you missed, it I posted a rather exciting list this week! Here it is:

Seasonal Posts: post ideas for book bloggers for all year around, month-by-month

I had lots of fun writing that one, so be sure to check it out and get some inspiration! 🙂

A week ago the Women’s Prize for Fiction long list dropped!!

I actually read 2 of the list already and own another 3 from that list… I will try and read at least those three before the shortlist comes up in June, and then maybe a few more? I think I can’t read all of them (neither am I interested in all of them), but surely at least a few. Do you think Milkman will snatch that prize, too??

This week was Women’s Day and my boyfriend gave me this book from the longlist (!!! thank you!)

an american marriage tayari jones

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My Readings This Last Week

provenance ann leckie

I didn’t pick up Provenance this week… will do so somewhen next week, I just didn’t really feel like it.

transcription kate atkinson

I finished Transcription! This started off really strong, with a wonderful main character who is smart, funny, thoughtful, and full of secrets. I expected a bit more from the ending, but it was still a solid read that left me with a feeling of “wow, that was a great book”. A great option for a WWII story that isn’t going to leave you sobbing (which are basically all), and with a fast-paced plot! 4 stars to this absolutely charming gem.

black leopard red wolf marlon james

I started Black Leopard, Red Wolf, which is such an evocative, myth-like story. Its language is rather crude, so if you for example don’t like Game of Thrones, you’ll not like this one. I’m really enjoying this so far, it was one of my most anticipated reads of 2019 and it’s not disappointing!

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How was your week? What did you read?

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