The Sunday Snuggle Week 12 2019


Hello readers!

I am finally getting my reading schedule a bit more organized and finding ENERGY after my workouts, job and general life to read a bit. So we finally have some new stuff on the Sunday Snuggle this week!

As you guys know, I’ve been spending more time getting healthy this year. From getting my sleep schedule in order to lowering body fat, among other things. I asked on Twitter about this, and you can see the result below! But I’d like to ask again on my blog, just in case! 🙂

I received the following eARCs:

savage appetites rachel monroe the fever king victoria lee

I bought these books:
the seven husbands of evelyn hugo taylor jenkins reid white houses amy bloom Unseen World PA.indd the bell jar sylvia plath ordinary people diana evans

I’ve already read Evelyn Hugo & The Bell Jar, but I didn’t own physical copies, and now I do!! There are a couple more books arriving next week, which I’m super excited for. Also my boyfriend and I will have our anniversary next weekend and… you guessed it, we exchange books.

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My Readings This Last Week

provenance ann leckie

I promise I’ll pick up Provenance again. I actually was enjoying the book, just haven’t been able to read much the pasts weeks so I’ve been prioritizing other books I want to read more. Let’s see when I read this again.

black leopard red wolf marlon james

Guess who finally finished Black Leopard, Red Wolf! Took me a while, I know. This was a strange read, really REALLY good and intense! I enjoyed this a lot, although I think not everyone will! I’m writing the review for it this week and I have lots of thoughts, but also don’t want to overwhelm you guys with a 30-page essay. I promise I’ll keep it short-ish and sweet. 4 stars to this AMAZING AF BOOK.

daisy jones and the six taylor jenkins reid

I read Daisy Jones & The Six and let me tell you, this was probably the best audiobook narration I’ve ever heard (AND it’s full cast!). It was like listening to a documentary of drama, rock’n’roll and addiction. Beautiful work, really! I ordered the physical copy because I want to see what it looks like, and re-read some passages I loved. But I will recommend highly to listen to the book instead of reading it – it’s fantastic. 5 stars.

an american marriage tayari jones

I started An American Marriage! Very excited for this one, but also a bit nervous – this looks so fantastic and it’s exactly the kind of book I love I’m worried it won’t be all I’m hyping it up to be. But we will see! Have you read this?

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How was your week? What did you read?

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 12 2019

  1. I’m reading Daisy Jones right now. I got the audio on Audible but I am skeptical because everyone loved Sadie’s audiobook and I just wasn’t into it, so I’m worried that’s going to happen with this one. Regardless, I am excited to be reading this book.
    I also read An American Marriage and didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, but I have a feeling you might enjoy it :]

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