The Sunday Snuggle Week 13 2019


Hello readers!

This has been quite a week. I got lots of audiobook reading done, including in the gym. I find that thrillers a lot of times work really well for cardio, because I get so tense during the story that it’s great to use up some energy while reading! I also had a quieter weekend, so had a bit more time to read than usual.

I bought the following Audiobooks:

the silent patient alex michaelidesnumber one chinese restaurant lillian liswan song kelleigh greenberg-jephcott

Clearly I was a bit excited with audiobooks this week. I walk basically everywhere I go, so it’s great to have stuff to listen to while you walk to the market, to work, or when you wash dishes and so on. I had to listen to The Silent Patient in speed 1.0x because otherwise it would not last enough for the week and I want to pick up Swan Song next week only.

I also got the following eARC:

the dragon republic r f kuang

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My Readings This Last Week

an american marriage tayari jones

I read An American Marriage! It was a great read and very, very emotional. 4 stars!

number one chinese restaurant lillian li

I also read Number One Chinese Restaurant! What a week for going through the Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist. This was nowhere near the expectations I had for a 3.1 rating book. It’s a great read, about family and loyalty and immigration and I was very pleasantly surprised. I gave this 4 stars!

the silent patient alex michaelides

I ALSO read The Silent Patient (audiobooks are a gift from the heavens)! This reminded me a bit of Alias Grace in terms of atmosphere: a patient in a mental institution, a murderer (or is she?), many possible versions of the truth. I liked it a lot! It was mysterious and tense and I couldn’t stop turning pages! Also worked well for listening during cardio… which is something impressive in my opinion. I’m not sure I’ll write a review for it, would you guys like one? I really recommend it, it was fascinating! 4 stars.

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How was your week? What did you read?

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