I Marie-Kondoed My Books

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Hello readers!

Approach carefully. This post is full of traumatic scenes, such as books being given away without a second thought, and amateurish photography of said traumatic scene.

If you have been following me for a while, then you probably have seen a few of my unhaul posts, and you know I have NO SHAME when it comes to giving books away. Contrary to popular belief, Marie has no rule that you must burn your books and sacrifice writers in blood rituals. In fact, you don’t even need to stick to the 30-book “rule”. If you are confused about that, I suggest you read this very helpful article on why she got so misunderstood.

Here is what you need to know about the book step of tidying up with the Konmari method:

  1. Keep books that spark joy.
  2. Joy doesn’t mean necessarily happy, gushy feelings of feel-good and marshmallows. It can also have visceral, perturbing reactions that you… approve of. If a book is absolutely gritty and dark and you love it and will read it, by all means, keep it.
  3. Have a designated place for your books so you can see how much you have.

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When it comes to books I had on my to-read shelf, I added the rules:

  1. Do I want to read it because it was hyped only?
  2. Does reading this feel like a chore?


They are piled this way because we wanted to see how many of each category – English fiction, English nonfiction etc – we had. English fiction is that giant pile ready to fall down (it didn’t). Lots of those books are from my boyfriend, who absolutely got inspired by the show, too.

I also Marie Kondoed the following books out of my Netgalley to-read list:

Blog DividerHave you given away books recently? Did you try the Marie Kondo method?

15 thoughts on “I Marie-Kondoed My Books

  1. Awesome! I unhaul books regularly primarily because I only have so much shelf space, and because I love going wild at the library book sales. I recently have been ruthless with my GoodReads TBR and it feels so good.

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  2. I like holding onto books I haven’t read yet because it keeps me from buying too many new ones. Also, instead of buying and then giving away books, I’ve started a folder where I save books I want to read someday 🙂

    As for books I’ve read, I’m in two minds about them. I am a writer so I often go back to books I’ve read in order to find threads of an argument or to remember a story I want to pick apart in some way, or comment on in my writing.

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    • That is a great method! Personally, having lots of books on my TBR doesn’t stop me from buying new ones, so getting rid of the stuff I will definitely not read helps.. but it sounds to me like your collection is quite under control 🙂 Also it’s so cool that you’re a writer.


  3. I gave away a lot of books recently, right after watching Marie Kondo’s tv series (even though I knew about her work before), mostly because I knew I would have to start sometime before moving in a couple months. But it’s soo satisfying and I haven’t regretted it

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  4. I did this with my books last month or the month before and did a big post about it because it was SO helpful. Both me and my partner unhauled about 100 books between us, rearranged all of our bookshelves and now everything looks so much nicer, which makes me much happier! Because I unhauled so many books and reorganized everything it also made space for some new books I got this month which I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to buy.

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