What I Do When I Can’t Train


Hello readers!

Training as a routine thing, going to the gym every time you plan to go, never missing a workout, running 3x a week are all wonderful, idyllic dreams. Reality is: we get sick, we get tired, we get lazy, we go on vacation, we have to take care of other things that are priority. It can be frustrating to break your routine, especially if it’s for a long while.

When I can’t work out for a reason or another, here is what I try to do instead:

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I Inform Myself

Researching things takes time. If I’m not working out but also don’t have to do other things instead (so, for example, if I’m sick or injured, or vacationing), I like to use the extra time to watch videos, read articles and generally get more informed about how I can improve certain weight lifting moves, know more about the effect of sugar on the body, how to improve my running etc. Here are some of the videos and websites I thought were most informative:


Food Psych Podcast

Very Well Fit

Runner’s World

I will be writing a separate post on the videos I watch, blogs & websites in general I read etc to stay motivated and informed. This is just a quick inspiration.

On a similar vibe…

Inspiring Myself & Lightening Up

Informing myself is great and helps me plan my workouts more effectively, reminds me to do things I normally forget (stretching…), but sometimes I just don’t want to leave work brain-dead and then spend an hour watching a documentary on sugar.

Sooo, I like mixing it up and following people who will put a smile on my face, remind me to be kind to myself and just laugh at myself, too. I try not to take myself too seriously and remember that being healthy and fit is MORE than eating less and exercising like my life depends on it. I also find that these actually motivate me a lot!

Walk & Other Low-Key Activities

If I am only a little ill, or I am travelling somewhere, then including more walks on my day could be very helpful for maintaining fitness levels and generally a pleasant way to go outside and smell some fresh air, help clear the mind and motivate me. Including other low effort activities helps keep me moving a bit more, even if I’m not sweating and running and FEELING THE BURN. Dancing a bit around, taking the stairs, walk to my colleague’s office to talk to him instead of calling, getting up to get more water from time to time during my work day.

These small things add up at the end of the day!

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