The Sunday Snuggle Week 18 2019


Hello readers!

I am back from vacation and now I’m 75% pasta, I’m pretty sure. It’s been really nice but honestly I was missing my home a lot on the last days. Obviously, now that I am home, I miss being on vacation.

I haven’t posted the Sunday Snuggle in 3 weeks or so, so my reading list is quite longer than usual. I didn’t get too much reading done, but I’m quite pleased with the amount I did get done. On the other hand, I’m now quite late with reviewing these books and hopefully will be able to write the reviews based on the notes I took! Let’s see!

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My Readings This Last Weeks

milkman anna burns

Milkman was such a unique read! It took me longer than expected to finish this novel, but it was so worth it. It’s gorgeous and I loved the writing.

my lovely wife samantha downing

My Lovely Wife was so, so good!! It’s one of the best thrillers I’ve read this year. It’s about a couple who murders young women to keep their marriage interesting (some of us just go on dates and plan trips, I guess), so I was wondering if the book would be a little too weird, but I think it was the right amount of weird. Such a cool book.

savage appetites rachel monroe

I picked up then Savage Appetites, which was compulsive to read and really fascinating. I did feel that the stories of those women were sometimes more interesting than the book itself – in the sense that I could have read this stuff from a quick internet research instead and have the same dark, fascinating effect. But Savage Appetites does more than that, forcing you to look into your own morbid interest in true crime stories with a critical lenses, which I really appreciated.

the pisces melissa broder

The Pisces was such a fantastic read – I had been delaying reading this since it came out and was on my radar but the rating and the things I’d been hearing about it made me really hesitant to pick it up. I’m so glad I did – it’s a wonderful book about mental illness, being a woman nowadays and addiction to the idea of romance. Also it’s disturbing. Highly recommend.

bottled goods sophie van llewyn

I also read Bottled Goods, which took me about 2h or a bit less – it’s a short book but with lots of impact. The story is set in Romania in the 70s and has a bit of magical realism to it, which I loved so much!

the devils queen jeanne kalogridis

I got The Devil’s Queen in a museum! After seeing so much history, I was drawn to this dramatic historical fiction novel which makes me think a bit of Philippa Gregory. It’s got a bit of dark magic going on and it’s definitely a little too dramatic (in the first chapters Catherine murders a boy, at age eight), but it’s very interesting and I think it’ll be my gateway to more Medici historical novels.

miracle creek angie kim

I got an eARC of Miracle Creek last November and I have no idea why I didn’t pick it up before. It’s about the aftermath of an explosion that killed 2 people in a alternative treatment center located in the small town of Miracle Creek, and what truly happened that night. It’s another compulsive read that was PERFECT for travel!

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How was your week? What did you read?

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