Mini-Review: My Lovely Wife, by Samantha Downing

my lovely wife samantha downingRating: ★★★★★

Genres: Psychological Thriller


I love a good cold-blooded murderess story – they’re hard enough to come by, but what My Lovely Wife does is something I hadn’t seen before, with a couple who decides to spice up their marriage by kidnapping and murdering young women.

It’s difficult to stand out among so many new thrillers coming out all the time, and by now I’ve read so many that they become predictable. But My Lovely Wife really stands out, and for good reason: it’s addictive, it’s fascinating and the main characters are so unapologetically cold and not trying to justify their actions. I am obsessed with this book and highly recommend it! I was stuck in traffic for a really long time and this got me through it without a hint of irritation. A sign of a really amazing book.

7 thoughts on “Mini-Review: My Lovely Wife, by Samantha Downing

  1. Nice review! I’ve had my eye on this one, and now I really want to pick it up. I’ve also grown a bit tired of thrillers lately, but this one looks like it won’t disappoint!

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    • Thrillers feel kind of the same after a while. I had a break from them, but I always go back to listening to thrillers on the gym, or market etc… they’re just easy to listen to. And quite entertaining.

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