Books my Sister and I Have Recommended Each Other and Loved

Hello book lovers!

Today I’m coming with a new maybe-series with someone who’s been my best friend for as many years as I remember: my sister. Meet Ale (pronounced: ah-LE)! We have created anime avatars at to make this post a little bit cuter and also show off a bit of our personalities 🙂

Ale & I loved reading all things Agatha Christie as kids and constantly took a bunch of those books and exchanged them during family trips, so we have a good idea of what the other person will like, so it’s no surprise that some of our recommendations to each other have become favorites! Without further ado, our favorite recommended books:


Ale’s Favorites

Hi everyone! So excited to be writing this post. Well, first of all, you’re going to notice this will look like a scary themed post, mostly because 99,99% of what I read and, therefore, recommend others to read are thrillers and horror. That’s on me. In addition, my reviews are more based on my emotions while I was reading than anything else. That said, let’s start!

the wife between us greer hendricks sarah pekkanenthe silent patient alex michaelidesBird Box Josh Malerman

The Wife Between Us, by Green Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

OK, so, THIS BOOK. I literally cancelled on my appointments so that I could finish reading it. This was insane!! So many plot twists I just had to hold on to my chair while reading it to make sure I wasn’t going to be phyisically blown away. I remember I sent my sister many photos of my face just SHOOK every time another plot twist was revealed. Summing up my opinion about this book, I will make it a mandatory read for my future children and I gave it 5, 10, 10000 stars.

The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides

This book was already somewhat hyped when I picked it up to read, so I was very curious. Even though it was a real page-turner for me, I thought it was a little slower paced than what I usually like. However, it was still a 5 star book for me. I was really into the mystery and, even though I figured out the plot twist (which I usually don’t), I was mindblown. The story was so very well thought and built! Amazing.

Bird Box, by Josh Malerman

I watched the movie before I read the book, so I was a little suspicious because I didn’t think the movie was a big deal. I read it mainly because I trust my sister’s opinion and she said I would like it. Again, and in so many ways, she was right. I was very positively surprised for I thought the book was much darker and horrifying, it had me scared to go to sleep, which the movie failed to do. There were a few parts I had to stop and reflect about what I had just read. Gave it 4 stars, deducted 1 star mainly for the same reasons Naty mentioned on her review.


Naty’s Favorites

the woman in the window aj finnthe girl who was taken charlie donleasharp objects gillian flynn

The Woman in the Window, by A. J. Finn

Many of the thrillers I read are in audio format, as was this one. This was such an interesting read, and I ended up giving it 4 stars! I was quite surprised by the plot twist and absolutely did not see it coming – otherwise this was a regular thriller but damn, that plot twist was a full star just by itself!

The Girl who was Taken, by Charlie Donlea

This book does the Dead Girl Trope right – it puts the focus on the women, not only the “detective”, but the girl missing and the girl who returned. All of them get a voice, all of them are flawed and not entirely likable and I enjoyed this book SO MUCH.

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

This was INTENSE. While I have a few reservations about this book (I will discuss those on my review), it’s unquestionably provocative, tense and full of conversation about women, violence, and the darkness within women that society prefers to ignore. It was very addictive!

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