The Sunday Snuggle Week 34 2019

Hello readers!

Sooo I forgot last week to add 3 books to my list of books I read, which means this week’s reading will include those and therefore make me look like such a fast reader. Anyway.

I’m on vacation now, and how that will affect my blogging for the next couple weeks I don’t know, since normally I find more time for reading and blogging on vacation but sometimes I spend actual time with people and go unwillingly into a  blogging & reading hiatus. So we will see – I have pre-scheduled a few posts already, though, so definitely won’t be more than a few days of hiatus, if it happens at all.

I received an eARC:


And I got an audiobook:

lock every door by riley sager

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My Readings This Week

dig a s king

I picked up Dig! I’ve first heard about it in one of Ariel Bissett‘s videos (I don’t remember which) and then it started popping up here and there… and I was intrigued by the concept of a YA literary book. What did I think? I wish people read THIS instead of Catcher in the Rye in school. It’s beautiful, brilliant, thoughtful and every white person should read it.

aphrodite made me do it trista mateer

Aphrodite made me do it is a collection of thoughts, poems and art from the author on the subject of love. I enjoyed the poems and the parts narrated by Aphrodite – but it’s another book where I like the idea of it more than its execution. I didn’t connect with most of the book and think perhaps I hoped for more poetry. 3 stars.

20 mil leguas submarinas jules verne

I didn’t advance much on 20 Thousand Leagues under the Sea this week, but I am taking it on vacation and let’s hope I finish it there!

the bromance book club lyssa kay adams

I picked up The Bromance Book Club because this just sounds like so much fun, low-key feminist and a breeze to read. I just finished chapter 1 and I’m excited to read this on my trip!

convenience store woman sayaka murata

I also picked up Convenience Store Woman as a short read for this weekend before I travel! This was such an interesting read and my only translated work by a woman read this month, and although I didn’t plan on participating on WIT month because of TBR control reasons, it’s still nice to have read at least one book that fits the category. It’s quite sad how few books in the mainstream are written by woman & are translated, so it was a happy coincidence.

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How was your week? What did you read?

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