The Sunday Snuggle Week 37 2019

Hello readers!

It’s been quite a week here, so very hectic and with no signs of slowing down until maybe October. Which means that I didn’t get to read a whole lot, but I’m still happy with what I got done. I will start THIS WEEK a book giveaway, so keep an eye out for a post about it this week, and a Twitter announcement too!

I bought, as you see on the tweet above, the GORGEOUS editions of two books I’ve been really looking forward to reading!

the blind assassin margaret atwood on beauty zadie smith

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My Readings This Week

the bird king g willow wilson

I finished The Bird King! I actually enjoyed this SO MUCH, so if you want a fantasy book with a great main character, fast-paced and full of djinn and adventure, set in the times of Spanish Inquisition in the last reign that still has a sultan, this is it. I enjoyed this very much. The villain, who works with the Spanish Inquisition, is GREAT and I kind of loved/hated her. The scenes with her were the best.

lock every door by riley sager

I went on with Lock Every Door! I listened to this while going on a run at night alone and, let me say, maybe don’t do that. I was VERY tense. So, you know, great book.


I also started Girl of Fire! I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet, but I’m only 3% in, so lots of time to make up my mind. I love the premise, though – soft girl turned badass but still soft?? We need more of those.

on earth were briefly gorgeous ocean vuong

I also started On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous and let me say… it’s maybe too early to tell, but it feels to me like a 5 star book. So beautifully written, sensitive and touching. I’m loving it so far.

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How was your week? What did you read?

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 37 2019

  1. OMG I can’t believe you listened to Lock Every Door running by yourself at night!!! That’s hardcore. So glad you’re loving On Earth! And The Blind Assassin is brilliant – my favorite Atwood so far.

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  2. I loved The Blind Assassin! You’ve definitely piqued my interest with The Bird King, and I’ll be interested in your review of On Earth as well, I’ve had my eye on that one.
    I thought Lock Every Door was creepy enough just reading it at night, but OUTDOORS and ALONE sounds like a terrifying way to read a thriller!

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    • The Bird King is really good!! A bit trope-y but not too much.

      As for listening to Lock Every Door alone at night outdoors… let’s just say I probably didn’t think that through a whole lot. But really enjoying it!! Especially now that I exclusively listen to it in sunlit environments with lots of witnesses.

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