The Sunday Snuggle Week 38 2019

Hello readers!

This has been another crazy week – from very long days at work to wedding planning and visiting a bunch of people, I have no idea how I’m coming out alive at all. In fact, I’m 56% sure I died sometime around Wednesday.

Still, reading-wise the week was pretty good. There is a construction going on right now on my way to work, which means I have to wait for my bus somewhere between quite longer than usual, giving me a few more minutes to read. Plus I’ve been having crazy lunch hours at work, leaving me by myself for lunch – Peace! Quiet! Reading time. That, plus all the travelling to go visit people actually added up a LOT and I ended up reading a lot this week. My TBR says thank you; my gym membership, not so much.

Oh yeah – I have a giveaway live on my blog! If you live in Europe, make sure to sign up, and if you don’t – pass it on so people will see it! My viewership from Europe is much smaller than from the US, but I thought it’d be nice to have one done for them – there’s so many giveaways out there exclusively for the US! One day I’ll do one just for my South American viewers! 🙂 (that’s only my mom, probably) Here is the prize:


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My Readings This Week

lock every door by riley sager

Lock Every Door was very creepy and enjoyed it a lot! The narration was great too – the narrator seamlessly changes from one character’s voice to another and did such a great job. A mysterious, grand building with lots of creepy history, this was a lot of fun to listen to and I think one of the best thrillers I read this year.


I also went on with Girl of Fire! This is an entertaining young adult fantasy that I think will appeal to many readers, but so far it hasn’t blown my mind just yet. I hope to finish it by next week.

on earth were briefly gorgeous ocean vuong

I finished On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, which was more beautiful and touching than I thought it would be, and I loved it. His prose is just so lovely, and I particularly loved the parts where the main character told his mom’s and grandmother’s stories, about the war, adapting to a new country, PTSD and the ways they endured.

felicidade clandestina clarice lispector

I picked up and finished Felicidade Clandestina, by Clarice Lispector. I have the review for this one coming up tomorrow in Portuguese, and I’m quite excited about it – no idea when I last wrote a review in my native tongue. I could not find an English translation for this book. This little gem was around 160 pages long and such a great read. I am so glad to have loved this, because I so wanted to love her work: I admire the author for a long time now, and she’s such a notoriously famous Jewish writer, plus she’s Brazilian and I loved her for her uniqueness and the feminist inspiration she is to me. I am glad to now love her writing, too.

stubborn archivist yara rodrigues fowler

I also picked up Stubborn Archivist by recommendation from Rachel, who I trust completely when it comes to literary books, and she was spot-on with this one. My identity is kind of everywhere, as a Brazilian living in Germany speaking mostly English and as someone who will never quite fit in anywhere – this book spoke to my SOUL. I really liked it. Thank you so much for the brilliant recommendation, Rachel!

the chain adrian mckinty

I started The Chain, which I am not as excited for as I was for Lock Every Door, but once I saw that January Lavoy reads it, I was immediately convinced. This is another book I’ll read together with my sister! I started a little earlier because she reads much faster than I do. Also I heard this will become a movie, so I’m excited to see if the hype is real!

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How was your week? What did you read?

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Snuggle Week 38 2019

      • Ooh, that’s promising! Best of luck with them! 🙂 I really did enjoy Lock Every Door! I thought the MC was a bit of an idiot about cell phone use, but the story was really fun. I think Final Girls is still my favorite Riley Sager, but this one came close!


  1. Giving a successful rec is THE MOST gratifying feeling so yay!! So happy you enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to your full review!

    I have The Chain on my ARC-backlist-TBR so I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on that one!

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