The Sunday Snuggle Week 36 2019

Hello readers!

I am now back from vacation and pretty glad to say I got some reading done! Not as much as I hoped, especially on the ARCs side, but it’s something. I bought quite a few books on my trip, a lot of them are Brazilian lit, which I’m pretty glad about, and all of them gorgeous. I will post in the next few days about that, because today I’m writing in a bit of a hurry and I’d like to show and talk about those books a bit more.

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My Readings This Week

20 mil leguas submarinas jules verne

I am done with 20 Thousand Leagues under the Sea! This was fun, albeit way too verbose in my opinion. Such an interesting book, not without its flaws, that reminded why I loved Jules Verne when I was younger. I even got another book from my dad by him! Continue reading

Review: Convenience Store Woman, by Sayaka Murata

convenience store woman sayaka murata

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Literary Fiction


Convenience Store Woman is the story of Miss Furukura, who has been working at the same convenience store for the past eighteen years. Her life has not changes since her twenties, and that is how she thrives: she knows what the store needs, the correct level of enthusiasm to greet costumers, and what to say when. But as she gets older, the pressure increases for her to get married, changes jobs or, preferably, both. When she meets a man at the store looking for a wife so he can comply to societal norms, she sees in him the perfect convenient relationship to also get friends and family to accept her. But this bitter, small-minded man will create chaos in her perfectly orderly life, and perhaps not for the best. Continue reading

Review: In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

in cold blood truman capote

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Genres: Non-fiction, True Crime


In Cold Blood tells the true story of the gruesome murder of the Clutter family, and the subsequent hunt for the killers.

I’ve been looking forward to read this for a while! In Cold Blood is Truman Capote’s most famous work, the last book he ever finished, and has been on my list for many years now. I decided to pick it up as an audiobook, and I’m a bit disappointed to say that it’s not a book that worked for me in audio. I’m sure this influenced in some capacity my enjoyment of the book in general. It’s not that the narrator isn’t good, he is, but the writing style sounds pretentious and a bit repetitive when read out loud. Continue reading

The Sunday Snuggle Week 35 2019

Hello readers!

This week I had vacation, so I could pick up a few books! And now it’s September, so I will be joining the readathon that Rachel & Hannah created for reading ARCs! I have started a bit early by joining Chelle’s 72h Readathon, and will list down below what I read for that.

This year is going by so fast, it’s crazy. I’m a little over 80 books into my reading challenge, which is SO much and I am quite surprised by how much I read already this year. How are your reading challenges going? Do you have any personal challenges that aren’t just the amount of books you read?

Continue reading