Review: The Chain, by Adrian McKinty

the chain adrian mckinty

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Genres: Thriller


The Chain tells the story of Rachel, who has been battling cancer for years, and now suffers the worst blow of all: her daughter has been kidnapped. But not by a regular criminal wanting ransom – she’s been kidnapped by a regular mom who is part of the Chain, and Rachel is now part of it, too. To have her daughter back, Rachel must pay up and do the unthinkable… kidnap a child.

I was initially not really going to pick up The Chain because the synopsis didn’t call to me, but after seeing so much hype around it (it’s even being turned into a movie) and also how excited my sister was to read it, I decided to pick it up on audio!

The audio narration was pretty great, very intense and distinct, Rachel’s voice always with a tone of grim determination that I really liked. The idea is really unique and if you like the synopsis, I suggest you go for it! From what I gathered from my sister, she really enjoyed the book! I wasn’t as big a fan, and found myself rushing through the ending because I lost patience with the story. Overall I did enjoy it, but I think if I’d skipped it I would not have missed out on much. The book’s style just wasn’t for me.

I found its pacing slacking a lot, and there were several moments of tension, which of course is great to keep you on your toes, but when it’s been several of those and I realized I was only halfway through, I started to get impatient. I didn’t quite love the writing either, it felt a lot of telling instead of showing, and maybe it just didn’t work so well in audio and it’s better to read it in print, but considering I love the narrator and her previous work with The Diviners by Libba Bray for example, I’d say the writing didn’t work for me.

12 thoughts on “Review: The Chain, by Adrian McKinty

  1. Ugh poorly paced thrillers are such a pet peeve. I still think I’ll give this one a try because I need to read more books out of Northern Ireland that aren’t about the Troubles and it’s been SO hyped, but… it sounds frustrating! Hopefully I’ll agree with your sister though!

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  2. Interesting, I’ve seen the reviews for this one all over the place too, but haven’t pulled the trigger on reading it yet. I didn’t know it was becoming a movie though, I may have to check it out before watching!

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  3. I agree the premise was great but then the book fell flat on its face. It was such a meh experience. I tried the audiobook and it was interesting, but at the end it was such another book that seems like another 1000 movies XD

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