eARC Review: The Bromance Book Club, by Lyssa Kay Adams

the bromance book club lyssa kay adams

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genres: Contemporary, Romance


I got a copy of this e-book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

The Bromance Book Club is the story of Thea and Gavin, whose marriage might be coming to a bitter end, with Gavin finding out he never did give Thea an orgasm throughout their entire marriage, and Thea being fed up with pretending to be the perfect baseball wife with no ambitions of her own. But if the Bromance Book Club has anything to do with it, their relationship isn’t over just yet.

I could not resist that cover or that synopsis. It just sounds outright ADORABLE and funny and sexy. Men getting together to read romance in order to improve their marriages and learn to be better lovers? Hell yes.

What can I say, this book is exactly what it promises: it’s cute, funny, sweet. feminist and uses lots of romance lit jargon, which I LOVED. I am excited about the second book and I’ll probably pick it up! It’s not a book that will reinvent feminism and, like I read in a review somewhere (Goodreads, I presume), a bunch of men talking about feminist topics should not make a book revolutionary. But it feels refreshing. It’s nice to think that maybe men talking so naturally to one another about feelings, romance and personal growth will actually become commonplace at some point. Imagine men using the words “emotional labor” in an actual serious conversation. So yeah, it felt pretty refreshing.

I had lots of fun reading this, but it was also very emotional – I just related to a lot of what the main characters were going through, from Gavin’s insecurities to Thea feeling like she could not let a man take so much away from who she is. I personally loved how both characters had to face their own fears and really do the emotional work for growing individually so that their marriage could work. It was really nice to see that represented in a book.

So if you’re looking for a romance that feels light and refreshing but nevertheless touches on relevant topics and makes you a bit emotional, this is a very good choice. I really recommend it!

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