Review: Jade War (The Green Bone Saga #2), by Fonda Lee

jade war fonda lee

Rating: ★★★★★

Genres: Urban Fantasy


[Spoilers of Jade City ahead]

Jade War is the sequel to Jade City, an excellent urban fantasy novel that brings to life the struggle of clan No Peak to stay in power. Led by the Kaul family since their break from the original One Mountain clan, they have been at war with the biggest clan from Kekon for power, both from jade and from gold. In Jade War, Shae and Hilo fight to gain more international allies and to bring clan justice to Lan’s murderer.  Meanwhile, Andy is sent to Espenia after having humiliated Hilo and the clan, partly in exile, partly for his own protection.

After about a year since I read Jade City, it took me a few chapters to really remember the delicate power balance between No Peak and the Mountain, how international alliances benefitted the clan and what it meant for Kekon, etc. But once that was out of the way, the novel flew by. Much like book one, Jade War is full of schemes, bloody fight scenes, and political struggles. I am tempted to speed-read it because of how intense it is, but it’s really worth reading it calmly and absorbing all the details. It’s so well-crafted and the world beautifully put together – the jade and all the history, politics, power and death that it brings, it just feels real.

This book brings depth to all the main characters of Jade City, and has made me fear for their fates even more. The stakes rise, their hands get bloodier, the war gets dirtier.

This series is absolutely amazing (and so under-hyped!), and while it starts off a little slow (especially if you need to catch up with what happened in the last book), the ending was so fantastic I had to give it 5 stars. I cannot wait for the final book of this trilogy!

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