#FFFeb TBR and Recommendations

Hello readers!

Charlotte from Moonraker & Read Rainbows posted about the #FFFeb challenge and I decided to (attempt to) participate! To learn more about it, go check out her post 🙂 oh and don’t forget to follow her, she gives amazing recommendations and I love the aesthetic.

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Because I am also trying to keep up with the ARCs and backlist books I already own, I will try to adhere to those books for my TBR as much as possible. So I’ve divided my FFFeb TBR into priority 1 and 2, since I’m confident I can read prio 1 books (also I already own them) and then if the month goes really well reading-wise, I’ll pick up prio 2 books as well!

Click on the covers to go to their respective Goodreads pages. Priority 1 books:

the truth about keeping secrets savannah brown exciting times noise dolan harrow the ninth tamsyn muir

The Price of Salt the lady upstairs halley sutton

And my priority 2 books:

25337939 33375622 42117380. sy475

46138193 40204648. sy475

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Charlotte did a great job with her selection! Just in case you still want a few more ideas, here are some books I’ve enjoyed that aren’t on her list – click on the covers to see the review or GR link:

girl woman other bernardine evaristo the deep rivers solomon gideon the ninth tamsyn muir

priory of the orange tree samantha shannon in the dream house carmen maria machado The Psychology of Time Travel Kate Mascarenhas

its not like its a secret misa sugiura

I will be posting a full F/F recommendation post at some point (hopefully soon!).

What is your favorite F/F book?

6 thoughts on “#FFFeb TBR and Recommendations

  1. Ooh, what a great list!! I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on Exciting Times, and also The Price of Salt! The Mercies will probably be a February read for me as well, and I’m also hoping to get to Her Body and Other Parties soon, so I’m excited for your reviews on those as well. Happy reading! 🙂


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