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Hello fellow book bloggers,

Blogging slump is no fun – we end up writing so many posts it’s hard to come up with new ideas sometimes. I get  stuck in “reviews + weekly wrap ups” a LOT and no other posts at all, and don’t always feel very creative. That is totally fine and you totally don’t have to create new content all the time, but it’s really fun to do so, and if you’re trying to get more traffic, it’s also an interesting way to get new readers.

So I gathered a list of ideas for bookish posts and I hope you guys find it useful! I sure had fun writing this list (and it took a lot of time).

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1. Seasonal posts

This is a classic book blogging strategy. Every year I create a draft for some of the holidays or special days and compile lists of recommendations for, or some other bookish discussing around the holiday. For example:


  • Releases of the new year you’re looking forward to
  • New year resolutions, bookish or otherwise


  • TBR/Recs for Black History Month
  • TBR/Recs for Romance Week (Valentine’s day)

And so on! For more ideas, read my post ideas for bookish posts, month-by-month.

Examples: Winter & Christmas Book Recommendations, International Women’s Day: 10 Book Recommendations, 10 Book Recommendations for Fall

2. Anti-TBRs

What are the books you plan on NOT buying and why? Some I wrote: #1#2, Hyped Books Released in 2019 That I Am Not Going to Read

3. If you have Instagram, show off your aesthetic

Or how your Instagram aesthetics has changed over time. Bookstagrams are so pretty and really nice to look through. You can also show the behind-the-camera and share tips and tricks for photographing books!

4. Write about books that are coming soon

Quite often through the year, there’s a cycle of new releases hitting the shelves, and it’s really fun to look through those and pick a few that catch your eye or that you heard of before. You can do that per week, per month, per season etc.

Examples: Happy New Year! + Books Published in 2018 I Look Forward To, Books coming out August/2017 I’m dying to read, Books Coming Out on 2019 I’m Looking Forward To, Upcoming 2020 Releases I’m Looking Forward To

5. Create a quiz

I am not very good at creating quizzes, but they are SO MUCH FUN. If you have a paid version of WordPress, there are some plugins you can use for creating better quizzes: WP Beginners – 9 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress (2019). Some quizzes to answer if you want to get inspired: Fun Quizzes for Bookworms!

Some quizzes I created (on the free WP): How Similar Are Our Reading Tastes?, Which Overly Specific Typical YA Couple Are You Based on the YA Books You Pick?, What Kind of Book Blogger Are You?

6. Show your dream cast for your favorite book

I admit I’m kind of terrible when it comes to knowing who famous people even are, so this doesn’t work so well for me, but I think this would be a fun idea!

7. Answer a tag

Here are some of the ones I found fun to answer, if you want to get some inspiration! The Playlist Shuffle Tag, Fight Like a YA Girl Tag, The Unpopular Opinions Tag

8. Or create your own tag!

Creating a tag is great for challenging your creativity a little. If you want, you can create personalized images, headers etc for it!

I created this tag, feel free to answer it as well or inspire yourself: What’s In My Bookshelf Tag

9. Recommend books according to people’s Hogwarts House/Divergent Factions/etc

Lots of YA fantasy books have these “big four archetypes” that everyone really enjoys classifying themselves as (I’m totally a Ravenclaw). I think this is mostly older fantasy books, but it’s still really fun to read and to write.

Examples: 5 Book Recommendation for each Hogwarts House #1

10. Tell your readers about the social media & apps you use for book blogging

Or for reading! When you read and blog as often as we book bloggers normally do, you probably will try at some point a few different apps and social media, so you can talk about what it’s like having a Bookstagram vs Book Twitter vs Book Blogging. Or using Scribd vs Amazon Limited vs Library and so on! I do wish people wrote more posts like these.

Scribd: Is it worth it?, Books I Read From Kindle Unlimited

11. Try making your own recipe version of a bookish meal

Example: Grown-Up Butterbeer Recipe, blue cake from Percy Jackson’s birthday. For inspiration there is also this awesome Pride and Prejudice book with tea time recipes by Martha Stewart.

12. Do a reading marathon and let your readers know how it went

Reading marathons are fun! Whether you’re doing them by yourself or with a group, posts about readathons are always fun to read! Here is some I wrote: 12-hour Readathon: How it went!, #EasterReadathon by Kate @ Reading Through Infinity, OWNtober 2018 – how I did!, What I read for #Tropeathon (Mini-Reviews)

13. An infographic about your TBR or read shelf

Genres, pages read, books per month… what ever you like, really! I don’t personally do those because they’re a lot of work that I don’t want to do, but a lot of bloggers do a brilliant job with then, and they are really fun to read.

14. Talk about tropes you love or hate, or recommend books for certain tropes

Tropes are inevitable in any genre, and normally once you finish a book with a certain trope, you might be looking for something similar, and so do your readers. It’s fun to compile such lists, and it also helps you find more reads for yourself! Also there are plenty of Readathons going on that ask the participants to read certain tropes, so it’s always nice if you can recommend books for those!

Examples: 5 Tropes I Like and 5 I Dislike

15. Bookish confessions

You can talk about your unpopular opinions, or things that you feel every other reader does, but you. You’ll be surprised by how it resonates with lots of people!

16. Recommend books of your favorite genre

17. Top “x” reasons to read your favorite genre

18. How reading has changed you

For example, I wrote about my experience with romance books here: 1 Year of Romance Books

19. Compare different cover editions of the same book

For some reason UK vs US covers are always different and one is always ugly.

20. Best/Worst TV adaptations of books you love

21. Your top series/standalone books

22. Do an author profile

If you love an author, you can write a short biography along with your favorite books by them, telling people why you love them and think more people should read their books!

23. Book recommendations if you loved reading _________

This is a very nice one because people are always googling “books similar to ____” (Gone Girl, Harry Potter, books like that are always popular searches), so I still get view for Psychological Thrillers to Read if You Loved “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn from people searching for that.

24. Ask someone to recommend you books

Or recommend books to them!

My Boyfriend Recommends Me Books

Books my Sister and I Have Recommended Each Other and Loved

25. Get together with a friend, chat about a book you both read

A long time ago, Noriko and I did that and she posted our conversation: Booktalk: Discussion on Six Four. It was a really fun experience!

26. Put together in a post the links/posts/etc that you enjoyed reading through the week/month

A lot of bloggers do that and it’s really good for seeing new links from people you don’t follow or that you simply missed throughout the week! Example: The Sunday Snuggle Week 6 2019

27. If you’re an international blogger, recommend books set in your country, or talk about representation.

Dear gringos, the Portuguese word “Saudade” doesn’t mean what you make it sound like

28. If you belong to a minority, you could talk about representation in books or give recommendations of good rep

If you liked this book, try this F/F book!

29. Recommend some books of one genre for readers who normally read another genre

Like, Sci-Fi recommendations for Contemporary readers and so on. I particularly enjoy non-fiction recommendations for readers who read thrillers or so!

30. Lists! Many lists.

They are a bit of work to create, depending on what kind of list you’re creating, but always so worth it and some of the most fun posts to write. Some lists I created and I’m proud of:

  1. The Unofficial Catalog of Stereotypical Characters
  2. Book Recommendations for 20-Somethings
  3. Books to Read in One Sitting
  4. Top 5 Books Released in 2019 I Want to Read Before the Year is Out

You can absolutely go over-specific with your lists (say, a list of recommendations for reading on a vacation trip to Scotland, for example), some more ideas:

  1. List the latest books you’ve added to your TBR and why (maybe even who recommended to you, if you remember)
  2. Characters you would like to be friends with, or that you’d love to know what happened to after the end of the book
  3. Authors who are on your auto-buy list, or, more controversially, on your never-buy list
  4. List of books you’re taking on your next trip, or that you read while on vacation
  5. List of books you’d recommend to read in audio instead of paper
  6. Booktubers you watch the most, or Bookstagram accounts you follow
  7. Books you have re-read many times
  8. etc.

31. What You Have Learned Since You Started Blogging

What changed in your blogging style? What was more difficult than you initially thought? Example: 10 Things That Changed Since I Started Blogging

32. Check out your old posts and update them

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably had some ideas in past posts that would do a great new post with new recommendations or thoughts. A similar idea is to re-visit your old “most anticipated” lists or “new years resolutions” and see if you’ve read those, if you liked them, if you did what you hoped to do.

My Most Anticipated 2019 Books: did I like them? Did I even read them?

33. Hobbies cross-over

If you have other hobbies, you can try writing a bookish post about it. For example, I also love running and playing boardgames, so I wrote: If you liked this book, try this board game! feat. @cliosboardgames, Listening to Audiobooks While Working Out & Running

34. Clean Up Your TBR

It’s easy to add a bunch of books to your TBR, and suddenly you have hundreds or thousands of books, some added many years ago. You can do a series listing the books you have there and deciding which to keep or not!

35. Cookbooks are also books

If you love cooking and following recipes from books, you can list your favorite cookbooks, or compare similar cookbooks. Sort of like a book review!

36. Notice a bookish trend? Talk about it!

Every once in a while, there is an interesting phenomenon: books with similar plots, covers or themes start being published at similar dates (YA snake, anyone?), and it’s always interesting to see them all together and wonder at why the trend would start now. There was a time when all fantasy covers seemed to have crows, or how contemporary & literary fiction LOVES heteropessimism etc.

37. Of course, post ideas for book bloggers!

I was inspired by the links below to create my own list:


Broke By Books – An Epic List Of 52 Book Blogging Ideas: From Cookbooks To Confessions

Bookishness and Tea – 30 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

Boats Against the Current – 15 Book Blog Post Ideas

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    • Thank you, Emily! Yes, I took inspiration from my own posts and from other bloggers, so I think a lot of these people already do, but it’s nice to have a long, comprehensive list just in case! 😀

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